Police and Crime Commissioner reveals 55 gangs operate in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime commissioner has revealed there are 55 organised crime gangs operating in the county.
Dr Alan Billings revealed the scale of the issue facing South Yorkshire Police when he urged parents to be alert to their children carrying knives following a spate of stabbings over recent months.

Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/police-and-crime-commissioner-reveals-55-gangs-operate-in-south-yorkshire-1-9230279

3 thoughts on “Police and Crime Commissioner reveals 55 gangs operate in South Yorkshire

  1. Rest assured fellow tax payers, the Chief Constable will not be leading the force with any robust action against the gangs, we now have the Theresa May of Chief Constables in charge of SYP, invisible to the point of being a where is Wally character and uses Dr Billings as a human shield to deflect criticism of his performance.


  2. “…..rather as children WERE groomed into sexual activity” ??? They still are being groomed Dr Billings ! Just because a lot of the grooming is happening online and is less overt doesn’t mean it has suddenly gone away !


  3. I know a few of these gangs…there’s the Police, the Council, the College, the Magistrates, the MPs and MEPs, the Bankers, as well as a few paedophile gangs, and so on. Not sure who the other gangs are, but I suspect they are “Our Johnny’s Mates” from 3rd year comp, and their rivals.


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