Despair at ineptitude displayed by council

Sheffield has so much potential in its people and its geography so why isn’t it at least punching at its weight?
If a system is only as strong as its weakest link then given the developments (or lack of) in Sheffield over a number of years the current administration must be a strong contender for the position.

Whenever a concern is raised with the council either everything is rosy and we just don’t understand or we are vilified.

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Trees set to dominate Sheffield Council meeting again

Sheffield Council’s controversial policies on highways and street trees are set to be debated once again at its major meeting this month.
July’s full council will be the first time councillors have met since four tree campaigners appeared in the High Court charged with contempt.
The Lib Dems say the council is looking to extend the court injunction for a further three years whilst also extending its scope.
Shadow Cabinet member for Environment, Coun Adam Hanrahan, has submitted a motion which calls on the council to “extend an olive branch” to campaigners.

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3 thoughts on “Despair at ineptitude displayed by council

  1. Well, chopping down trees and prosecuting innocent members of the public are much easier options than acquiring best strategic deals for the city e.g. failure of electrification of rail services and accepting a completely crap deal on HS2


  2. Take ay the hype and propaganda, take away the fabrications and downright lies, and what are we left with Sheffield that we can honestly say was a success by the local authority? Surely, even worse that Rotherham, Sheffield Council is not fit for purpose.


  3. Didn’t they pay consultants £800,000 to “persuade” HS2 to take a slow siding into Sheffield?
    And wasn’t Labour MPs FOR HS2 then against, when the vote tide changed…


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