HS2: Rolling stock depot to be located in Leeds

High-speed trains will be maintained at a depot to be built in Leeds, creating up to 125 jobs, it has been confirmed.

The HS2 rolling stock depot will be built at Gateway 45 near the M1 rather than in the village of Crofton, Wakefield, as previously proposed.

Confirming the plan, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said the depot would be a hub for training future engineers.

He said it meant Leeds would see “immediate benefits” when HS2 arrived.

Read on… https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-44695730

HS2 train depot in Leeds ‘will help make Yorkshire a global centre for rail technology’

A depot to maintain and service trains for the planned HS2 route is to be built at a logistic and manufacturing park on the edge of Leeds, the Government confirmed today.
The HS2 rolling stock depot east of the city will allow 24-hour maintenance of the high speed trains running from London to Manchester and Yorkshire and create 125 skilled jobs, Department for Transport officials say.

Read more at: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/hs2-train-depot-in-leeds-will-help-make-yorkshire-a-global-centre-for-rail-technology-1-9234257

2 thoughts on “HS2: Rolling stock depot to be located in Leeds

  1. ooooooooh, oooooooooh, 125 more jobs, oh thank you so much Sir, we are so very grateful and humbled.
    And we never even ask for ‘more Sir’


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