Back to the future with ‘prefab’ housing plans for Rotherham communities

Hundreds of small building plots in communities across Rotherham could eventually be used to accommodate a new generation of ‘pre-fab’ homes under a council plan designed to control costs and utilise sites where conventional building would be difficult.
The council has hundred small sites, often land previously used for garaging, which could be used to provide additional housing and it is now looking to test the options available with two sites in Herringthorpe and another in Rawmarsh, providing a total of 12 bungalows.

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10 thoughts on “Back to the future with ‘prefab’ housing plans for Rotherham communities

  1. Cllr Cowles suggested this at Full Council and I hope RMBC are taking those comments on board.

    He’s a good egg is Allen, no fire appliance cutter at any rate.


  2. Yes, and here we go. If builders had applied to develop these sites, RMBC planners would have dreamed up as many objections as possible to prevent the proposals being approved. And Chairman Atkin would have nodded the refusals through, like the good little dog he was.
    Now, it will be a simple procedure of giving themselves planning permission.
    Anybody any idea what these clown commissioners brought to Rotherham MBC in the way of professional ethics?


    • A point of clarication there Mr T. Atkin was sacked by Chris Reed at the annual meeting in May.

      Atkin still runs the fire authority despite his evident incompetency, though. Rik

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      • Thanks Rik.

        The sheer blundering blindness couldn’t go on, as per my e-mail to Comrade Reed, which he is yet to respond to.


    • Thank you Rik.

      Comrade Atkin was disposed of.

      We don’t see much of you now Mr Foulds, I consider that a great shame.


      • We have seen the pattern before, knocking down the slums of today to build the slums of tomorrow. All the while the fat cats get fatter whilst their prey remain impoverished and disempowered.


  3. Prefabs and converted shipping boxes passing for compact and bijou accomodation ( think Japan ) were a prominent feature at this year’s CIH exhibition in Manchester. Go figure.


  4. Always kowtow to developers whims.

    They come out with affordable housing crap.
    Afordable for who….?
    to the low paid, minimum wage, local people or to those on chief officers or consultant like wages?


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