Efforts to cut £3m-a-year rent at RMBC’s Riverside House

A RESTRUCTURE of its £3 million-a-year lease means Rotherham Borough Council WILL own Riverside House after all.

The current 35-year deal — signed with landlords Evans Property Group seven years ago — has been heavily criticised.

Under the current arrangement, which has no break clause, RMBC will not own the 172,000sq ft building at the end of the lease.

Read on… https://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,efforts-to-cut-3mayear-rent-at-rmbcs-riverside-house_27804.htm

3 thoughts on “Efforts to cut £3m-a-year rent at RMBC’s Riverside House

  1. Let’s face it, those in public service who negotiate ‘deals’ with the real world, are thick and hopelessly out of their depth – hence, we the paying public always carry the can.
    Anyone in the private sector who settle the sort of RMBC Riverside House deals, would not last ten minutes in the job and certainly wouldn’t be paid the eye-watering salaries that these Local Authority clowns seem to think they are worth.
    Amber Rudd is no friend of anyone who is slightly left of Genghis Kahn, but when she tried to blame her recent Windrush affair on officials, she was pilloried.
    The truth is, these public officials are indeed to blame, they make monumental mistake after monumental mistake, the results of which are that the public pays dearly for their incompetence and they waltz through their grossly overpaid ‘careers’ with impunity.


    • Rmbc and cllrs were warned several times by the public, real union and labour party activists and even TUC about the perils of pfi and out sourcing.

      Refer to letters in Tizer from 1997 onwards.



  2. They may well be stupid enough to sign a PFI contract for £3m/year without a break clause, but they are not that stupid when it comes to claiming their allowances, just take look at the detail of the snouts in the trough elected members claims, anyone spot that some claim 100% of their allowance and only attend for less than 80% of the time?


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