Sansome: Ticket to Ride


“She’ got a ticket ride, and she don’t care” , once sang John Lennon.

Someone else with a ticket to ride and who certainly doesn’t care ( about who picks up the tab ) is RMBC’s tightest councillor, Stuart Sansome who claimed £6.30 for a Rotherham to Sheffield Dayrider ticket last year.

If we are in the game of pinching pennies it must be brought to his attention that only 50% of this journey is claimable and the correct apportionment of allowable expenses means that in effect he owes RMBC £3.15

C’mon Stuart, every little helps.


20 thoughts on “Sansome: Ticket to Ride

    • Same useless unprincipled right-wing trash we need out of Swinton. Just keeps dippin his bred, nowt for people.


        • Bullshit left wing, Stuart wing more like it. Had no respect and blocked every decent initiative brought forward. Its a standing joke that he is a councilor for swinton. Poor buggers.


        • Like Brian Steal in his fancy waste coat. He was a paid unison convenor till last year.

          Now on labour cllrs gravy train he is now nodding job losses through against his former union members.


        • Has anyone cared to actually speak to Mr Sansome and make an judgement on that basis only? – they could be surprised?


  1. I remember when there was a spate of thefts down at Corus from folkses snap tins that were in the fridge and in the end Sansome was identified as the culprit. Turns out their lass had put him on a diet and that explained why it was only the chocolate biscuits and crisps that were getting nicked.

    Didnt get sacked or disciplined though. Its as good as thieving fellow colleagues wallets but because he was the union go to person it gotmswept under carpet. In fact loads got swept under carpet for sansome.


  2. Bit like all freebies to foreign countries every other year out of members fees then negotiatin a massive payoff for himself and selling rest of lads down river


  3. What a complete W***er I couldnt wait to leave. Trying to speak with him sense about issues it was almost as if he purposefully turned off. Its no coincidence Liberty going from strength to strength now hes f***ed of the bell end


  4. Stuart is part of the old white man with a massive sense of self-entitlement brigade. No one really knows how effective he really was down at Roundwood, for him its collecting badges anyway. Probably having trouble computing how their gravy train came off the tracks. I see over 90% of Labour group is community union still, work that one out.


  5. I have just had a browse through RMBC webcast archives searching for contributions from Mr.Sansome. I can honestly say and without doubt, the strangest fellow I have seen in the chamber.


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