Rotherham Cabinet and Commissioners’ Decision Making Meeting (Mon, 9th Jul 2018 – 10:00 am)

Papers for meeting:

Webcast, goes live when meeting starts:

3 thoughts on “Rotherham Cabinet and Commissioners’ Decision Making Meeting (Mon, 9th Jul 2018 – 10:00 am)

  1. So, of a budget of £221,.560 Million, they under spent by a whopping £3.237 Million, and yet they still put up our council tax.
    But to set the budget, they raided the reserves of £10 Million, and still put up council tax
    Overspent on Adult care by £4.059 Million , and this when they are making massive cuts to adult services.
    Children`s services overspent by WHOPPING £7.737 Million, If I remember rightly the Children`s services are overspent every year, it does not take an idiot to work out that if you are always running on overspend, you either make cuts to reduce the deficit, or up the proposed budget figures to cover the following years forecast/deficit. The Finance Directors still seem to be in position, as does the Councillor who holds the Children`s services portfolio.
    The Housing has come in £2.353Million under spent, they are going to put that into reserves, instead of reducing rents next year.
    and they have under spent by £0.097Million on schools, so no more winging about Government cuts, even when you have the money, your incapable of using it when its needed.
    Finance Directors still in position, Labour passing budgets year after year, when they clearly have no clue what they are voting for, and those councillors who are in charge of portfolio`s still in post.
    The Commissioners view is that they are now fit to make decisions on their own, SPLIT MY SIDES LAUGHING AT THAT ONE.


  2. Watched with dismay as Leader Read patronised members of the public, trotted out tabloid quality sound bites and came over as being uncaring and totally out of his depth.

    This is the same bloke who last week celebrated 70 years of the NHS and then cut services to vulnerable individuals, Labour at its most caring.

    No wonder Beck is being tipped as the future Leader.


  3. At best Reed and pals right wing blairites. the left overs from nulabour.

    Time they stopped standing under their flag of convenience. Most of them would be there if it was a solid tory council.

    Time to trot on and let labour takeover with labour agenda.


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