your help needed, please sign the petition

558606-1530224660-wideService users, carers and supporters held a lively protest outside the Town Hall before the Council meeting on 27 June an d they packed out the visitors galleries with some sitting in the Council chamber and others having to be accommodated in a separate room.

A number of people including a service user and family members asked questions of Councillor David Roche Cabinet member for adult social care.

Sadly the decision of the Cabinet to close 2 day centres and 2 respite centres was nodded through by councillors with only two members voting against approving the closures.  Labour councillor Richard Price and Liberal Democrat Dr Adam Carter were the only ones to side with service users and their families.  The latter was treated disrespectfully by Mayor Buckley and subjected to ridicule by the always disappointing Deputy Leader Councillor Gordon Watson.

Rotherham Council was not shown in a good light in what was a prime example of an attempt to stifle debate and supress democracy.

Campaigners have vowed to fight on and say that this is the start of their campaign not the end.

An online petition has been set up and can be found at

Robin Symonds


3 thoughts on “your help needed, please sign the petition

  1. The Two councillors named could not have voted against the closure unless they were in the cabinet.
    The decision was decided by the Labour cabinet NOT the full council.


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