Reinstated Labour MP Jared O’Mara quits Labour Party

A Labour MP who was suspended over alleged misogynistic and homophobic comments has resigned from the party.

Jared O’Mara was suspended in October over a series of online posts and claims he verbally abused a woman.

He was reinstated on Tuesday with party officials saying he should attend training and be given a formal warning.

The Sheffield Hallam MP announced his resignation on his website, saying he had not been “listened to or been given a fair investigation” by Labour.

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A week after being re-admitted Sheffield MP Jared O’Mara resigns from Labour party after being ‘made to feel like a criminal’

The 36-year-old revealed a few days ago how he was suffering from depression during the height of the ordeal and made three attempts on his life.

He was eventually readmitted to the party last week but he has now quit Labour though will stay on as an MP.

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Reinstated Labour MP quits party

A Labour MP who was suspended for making sexist and homophobic comments online has quit the party a week after being reinstated.

Jared O’Mara, 36, said he was made to feel like a criminal for remarks he made between 2002 and 2004 when he was in his early twenties. He was re-admitted with a formal warning last week.

In an open letter on his website, Mr O’Mara, who described himself as “the first autistic MP in our history”, said he had experienced “little to make me feel welcome, understood and accepted” in the party since his past behaviour came to light in October.

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2 thoughts on “Reinstated Labour MP Jared O’Mara quits Labour Party

  1. I am absolutely disgusted at ‘turncoat’ Jared O’Mara – what a very poor example of a politician he turned out to be! I feel very sorry for the many Labour Party members and supporters who voted for and supported him to become the first Labour MP For Sheffield Hallam constituency in 2017, following a history of both Tory and Lib Dem MPs.

    In my opinion, he was clearly unfit and unsuitable to become an MP – I wonder what the Momentum organisation think of him now – their judgement of the qualities, abilities, responsibilities and common sense of what constitutes an effective MP are also clearly suspect as Jared encountered numerous ‘difficulties’ from Day One!

    The Labour Party are also culpable and have been negligent in not providing a vigorous vetting procedure nor taking him to task in the early days when his outrageous misogynistic and homophobic misuse of the internet surfaced. The Labour NEC and leadership dithered and kicked the issues surrounding Jared into the long grass – they should have acted decisively and brought an end to the situation much earlier in 2017.

    Now Jared has resigned from the Labour Party (one wonders if he was ever a Labour supporter at heart), what is he going to do now if sitting as an Independent in the House of Commons?
    Who is he representing? Hallam constituency do not appear to have received any service from him at all as it is alleged he didn’t hold constituency surgeries, , he has yet to make his maiden speech in Parliament, never even asked a question (other than perhaps written questions) and clearly didn’t heed any helpful advice offered to him by his Parliamentary colleagues – what a great big let down he is!!

    The best, decent and honourable thing he could do now is to withdraw from Parliamentary politics altogether or has he added ‘greed’ and a liking for an MP’s salary to his apparently increasing list of attributes?


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