‘About time’ – Rotherham child abuse survivor’s reaction to probe into former South Yorkshire Police chiefs

Child abuse survivor Sammy Woodhouse has cautiously welcomed South Yorkshire Police’s former senior command team members are to be investigated over claims they failed to prevent widespread child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

Sammy, 32, who was subjected to a decade of abuse by gang-leader Arshid Hussain as a teenager, said the announcement by police watchdog Independent Office For Police Conduct (IOPC) was ‘long overdue’.

Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/about-time-rotherham-child-abuse-survivor-s-reaction-to-probe-into-former-south-yorkshire-police-chiefs-1-9244247

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3 thoughts on “‘About time’ – Rotherham child abuse survivor’s reaction to probe into former South Yorkshire Police chiefs

  1. Let’s see if the IOPC is any better than it’s utterly useless predecessor: which had overwhelming evidence of gross misconduct and worse and sat on its hands:


  2. For “probe” read we’ll pretend we’re doing something for a couple of years, lose a bunch of files, blame everyone else, then hope everyone forgets.


  3. I am angry when I think of the victims, and the time it has taken to get their testimonies heard and listened to – but no one seems to have any idea of whether they will lead to justice.

    Given the current laissez-faire policy of the British Establishment, I am not optimistic. There is not one politician or civil servant that has the courage or the conviction to do anything but make encouraging noises and bleat out their excuses..


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