Anti-bullying code will include John Bercow, says Andrea Leadsom

A new behaviour code to prevent bullying in parliament will extend to the Speaker’s office, Andrea Leadsom, the Commons leader, has promised.

The code was devised by a steering group set up after accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour at Westminster and will go before MPs for approval on Thursday.

One of those accused of bullying is John Bercow, the Speaker. He has denied claims made against him by former staff and a committee of MPs voted against an inquiry into his behaviour.

Asked if he would be subjected to the new rules, Ms Leadsom told BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour that they apply to “absolutely everybody”.

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‘Behaviour code’ could see MPs face sack

MPs and Lords could be sacked if new plans to deal with allegations of harassment and bullying are approved.

The new Commons behaviour code published on Tuesday includes “harsh punishments” for those who do not meet parliamentary standards.

A working group was set up in November to look into creating a grievance process after Westminster was hit with a string of scandals.

The proposals will be voted on by MPs on Thursday.

Two government ministers – Damian Green and Michael Fallon – resigned over scandals last year, and a number of other politicians on both sides of the House were investigated over claims of sexual misconduct.

A survey of more than 1,300 parliamentary workers published in February found that 19% had experienced or witnessed sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour in the previous year, with twice as many complaints from women than men.

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1 thought on “Anti-bullying code will include John Bercow, says Andrea Leadsom

  1. Over the last few weeks in Eastwood the residents have had to endure party after party going on into early hours, loud music, people shouting screaming drunken behaviour from the Roma community, non stop anti social drunken behaviour, racial abuse in the form of verbal abuse, as well as a local lady who has spent years working in the community with cat rescue all voluntary was surrounded by a gang of Roma men who threatened her and told to stay away from “their roads or else”, where is the council ASB team, where are council patrols, police, how much and how long have the long term Rotherham residents got to suffer thanks to this councils failure to enforce the landlords agreement scheme and follow through with the kind of enforcement Kingdom started.


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