Brexiteers’ Customs Bill amendments accepted by government

Theresa May has been accused of “caving in” to Conservative Brexiteers after agreeing to their changes to a key piece of legislation.

Critics said accepting the amendments to the Customs Bill meant the prime minister’s recently announced trade proposals were “dead in the water”.

But Mrs May said this was “absolutely wrong” and that the changes were “consistent” with her plan.

The amendments relate to trading across UK-EU borders after Brexit.

The UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 but has yet to agree how its final relationship with the bloc will work.

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Brexit climbdown as Theresa May accepts rebel amendment

Brussels would have to agree to collect tariffs on behalf of the UK

Theresa May bowed to pressure from Conservative Brexiteers today and accepted legal changes to her Chequers blueprint that could make a customs deal with the EU impossible.

Downing Street said it would agree to a wrecking amendment, put forward by Tory rebels, that will affect Mrs May’s plans for a new customs partnership with the EU. The amendment would prevent the government from striking a customs deal with the EU unless Brussels agreed to collect tariffs on behalf of the UK.

Mrs May’s spokesman claimed this afternoon that the amendment was “consistent” with her Chequers proposals.

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