Listen: Anti-social behaviour ‘out of control’

People living in the Eastwood area of Rotherham say anti-social behaviour and violence is making their lives a daily misery.

Residents say street drinking, noise nuisance, fly-tipping and violence are just some of the recurring problems in the area.

A council plan called The Eastwood Deal promised action by the police, the council and its partners.

But resident John Gargett says the area is now worse than when the deal was agreed two years ago:

4 thoughts on “Listen: Anti-social behaviour ‘out of control’

  1. The monster has been created . its now out of control. Council are weak Could have been stopped years ago but nobody wanted to upset the community so long term residents have suffered . when there is nothing left of Eastwood it will be coming to a area near you .


  2. Surely if the people stand together and get these Muslim Mayors removed then Rotherham can return to being a decent town again. You must show strength and stand together for your peace of your town and country. Th e police won’t , the government won’t so it is down to you and you are the ones who count.


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