Margaret Hodge confronts Jeremy Corbyn in antisemitism row

A Jewish Labour MP was alleged to have called Jeremy Corbyn an antisemite and racist last night after the party approved a new definition of antisemitism.

Labour’s national executive committee overrode the concerns of more than 65 senior British rabbis and the parliamentary party to wave through its proposed new rules on antisemitic behaviour in its ranks.

The veteran MP Dame Margaret Hodge was reported to have confronted Mr Corbyn outside the Commons chamber after the NEC meeting, telling him, according to sources quoted by HuffPost: “You’re an antisemite and a racist. You have proved you don’t want people like me in the party.”

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Corbyn bites back?

Margaret Hodge faces ‘action’ over Corbyn anti-Semitism row

Labour MP Margaret Hodge faces “action” by the party after reportedly swearing at Jeremy Corbyn and calling him an “anti-Semite”.

A spokesman for the Labour leader said what had happened was “clearly unacceptable between colleagues”.

The alleged confrontation came after Labour adopted new guidelines on anti-Semitism, which were criticised by some Jewish leaders and some MPs.

The code of conduct was rubber-stamped by the executive committee on Tuesday.

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7 thoughts on “Margaret Hodge confronts Jeremy Corbyn in antisemitism row

  1. Did she get her damehood for pantomime? As leader of Islington council she not only refused to act on the repeatedly raised concerns of senior social workers about the paedophile rings operating in every Islington children’s home, she acted to shut down the Investigation. Subsequently she had to make a court ordered apology to a victim she had slandered. Then she became Blair’s Minister for Children! So yes Margaret, if Labour had any sense they wouldn’t want you in the party, not because you are Jewish but because you are a shameless paedophile enabler.


  2. She can always p*** off to Israel and watch them shoot innocent unarmed palestinian nurses, I wonder if she would call the nurses family antisemite.


    • I’m genuinely interested in your explanation as to how the statement “she can always piss off to Israel” isn’t anti Semitic. Unless of course you accept that it is?


      • Giles, have a look at a web page called Truthseeker, their is a good article about the HONORABLE Margaret hodge. or type in labour’s gas-chamber blues: pink berets vs f***ing anti-semites.


        • I despise her utterly but not because she is Jewish. The info on the page you cite I was aware of but I don’t see the relevance of the Jewish references. Unless you are saying that there are Jewish race hate gangs targeting Gentiles or some such comparison to the situation that makes consideration of heritage/religion relevant in the circumstances of the “Rotherham model” of abuse?


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