Rotherham abuse whistleblower: “Chances missed to act sooner”

A WHISTLEBLOWER who uncovered details of sexual exploitation in Rotherham 16 years ago says she feels vindicated by a report concluding the Home Office knew about the issue and failed to act.

But Adele Gladman (pictured) hit out at Ministers, saying: “It was clear there were things that should have been investigated.”

Ms Gladman, who worked as a researcher in Rotherham between 2001 and 2002, told a parliamentary committee in 2014 that her findings had been suppressed and she had been bullied by council officials.

And this week an internal review of the Home Office found the government department had been sent several documents pointing to sexual exploitation in the town between 1998 and 2005.

Read on…,rotherham-abuse-whistleblower-chances-missed-to-act-sooner_27973.htm

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