More trouble in Sandwell

Bizarre Letter From Crooked Cops!

Where did it all go wrong? When did the corruption at Labour Sandwell Council spread to pollute West Midlands Police (WMP?)

When did it become legal in this country to be able to “buy-off” a police investigation?

The ludicrous “partnership” between the moral cowards in blue and bent Labour is now so entrenched that only outsiders can break this up. The Government must intervene and another force be brought in to deal with Sandwell matters.

This blog has been saying this for a very long time now but the ridiculous letter from WMP below reinforces the points made ad nauseum. It cannot now be that senior officers are pulling investigations simply for alleged administrative efficiency or to protect their informants (there were at least two Labour Councillors in the latter category – one infamous ex-Councillor and one current one who admitted being an informant to my face). It cannot be that such a perverted relationship has formed just to protect the pathetic “Sandwell Partnership”. Bent coppers must have been on the take here and/or there are mutually acceptable agreements with councillors to ignore drug-trafficking, money-laundering and child sexual exploitation a la Rotherham.

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