Rotherham MP Sarah Champion faced fury for sex gangs article in The Sun

Sarah Champion incurred the wrath of many on the political left when she told readers of The Sun that the country “has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”.

She continued: “There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out the horrifying problem for what it is?”

That Labour’s equalities spokeswoman chose to use such blunt language last August earned her a rebuke from Jeremy Corbyn and dismissal from the shadow cabinet. In Rotherham, Ms Champion’s words have been neither forgotten nor forgiven.

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Terror police boost security for MP Sarah Champion over criticism of Asian sex gangs

An MP who received death threats after condemning the sexual abuse of girls by groups of British Pakistani men has been given increased security amid fears that hard-left and Muslim opponents are trying to force her from office.

Sarah Champion was accused by activists in her Rotherham constituency of “industrial-scale racism” for highlighting the “common ethnic heritage” of most of those implicated in the town’s sex-grooming scandal.

Criticism of the former Labour frontbencher has been led by a racial justice charity that claims to speak on behalf of the local Pakistani community. Its main funder is the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, a Quaker organisation that was widely criticised in 2015 for donating more than £300,000 to Cage, a human rights group that described Mohammed Emwazi, the Islamic State murderer known as Jihadi John, as a “beautiful young man”.

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5 thoughts on “Rotherham MP Sarah Champion faced fury for sex gangs article in The Sun

  1. Sarah has shown courage on this for speaking out whilst some other MPs sit on their hands and say nowt.

    Notable that no officer or cllr has been held accountable in dock for dereliction of duties….powerful friends!

    However, sarah is a one trick pony and has failed to get involved to support vulnerable LD adults who face the closure of their day care centres by Rmbc and the lifeline it gives them.

    She has failed to lobby the council and be outspoken with her colleagues to avoid making waves. Meanwhile there been a tsunami of support from electorate of over 39000 and protests. No one is listening or giving a damm fro most of the Cllrs or MPs.


  2. She was not dismissed from the shadow cabinet, she resigned as if she had done something wrong by merely speaking the truth.


  3. It strikes me that the Joseph Rowntree Foundation should be examining the “charitable” causes they support much more closely, especially Cage and JUST Yorkshire. Anyone with more than one brain cell can see that Sarah Champion simply spoke the truth when she stated the blindingly obvious truth about the groomers and rape gangs being “British Pakistani” (and I may add, majority Muslim) men. The use of the phrase “industrial scale racism” by the representative from JUST Yorkshire is an astonishing use of the, so called, Race Card, Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised as it is the norm when ethnic minorities are accused of any law-breaking just about anywhere in the UK or, indeed, the entire world !


  4. Worth remembering that well before Sarah Champion was being targeted for her comments on the abuse of children in Rotherham by well organised gangs of predominately Pakistani men, Rik was singled out for special treatment.

    Two obnoxious blogs provided the social media platform for a plethora of loonies to make unpleasant comments directed at Rik and this blog, the Terminator video was particularly unsettling given the threatening overtones.

    The blogs are out there and are the comments made by some very unbalanced individuals.


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