True Champion

Rotherham’s MP deserves support for speaking out on sexual abuse

There has been no greater exponent of corporate responsibility than Joseph Rowntree. The son of a Quaker family from York, he brought the strict values of religion to the conduct of his business as a manufacturer of confectionary. It was part of the Rowntree ethos that a company should be part of the community and should serve the greater good.

That ethos has carried over into the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which, in social policy and housing, has done good work. That makes it all the more disappointing that it should be implicated in the saga in which the Labour MP for Rotherham, Sarah Champion, has received death threats for condemning the sexual abuse of girls by Pakistani men. JUST Yorkshire, which is largely funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, focuses on racial justice in Rotherham. Nadeem Murtuja, its leader, has accused Ms Champion of “inciting and inviting hatred against minorities” for highlighting the ethnic heritage of the men involved in the 2014 Rotherham sex-grooming scandal. As a result Ms Champion’s police protection has had to be increased.

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5 thoughts on “True Champion

  1. Sarah has shown courage on this for speaking out whilst some other MPs sit on their hands and say nowt.

    Notable that no officer or cllr has been held accountable in dock for dereliction of duties….powerful friends!

    However, sarah is a one trick pony and has failed to get involved to support vulnerable LD adults who face the closure of their day care centres by Rmbc and the lifeline it gives them.

    She has failed to lobby the council and be outspoken with her colleagues to avoid making waves. Meanwhile there been a tsunami of support from electorate of over 39000 and protests. No one is listening or giving a damm from most of the Cllrs or MPs.


  2. I’m confused.

    Some people like Sarah cause she wrote the article, some hate her for it, some don’t like her cause she is, in their opinion, a one trick pony, others think she is colluding with Muslim grooming gangs.

    All of the above opinions have been expressed on the blog at one time or another.

    I disagree with her cause she’s Labour but then I would based on my experiences. As a person, I think she’s doing a three point turn on a tight rope and as a result is doing a good job with precious little back up.


  3. Sarah has also failed big time to help the long suffering Eastwood residents telling them to contact their local Councillors Er Nuff said .


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