Taiba, questions?

Last week Times journalist Andrew Norfolk wrote about a group called Just Yorkshire and their report “A Health Check.”

The report is a vitriolic attack on Sarah Champion MP dressed up as a pseudo academic study. It’s a nasty little smear attempt with a clear political intent to destroy her. They even call for action from the Labour Party, which in Sarah’s case can only mean de-selection.

The report had already been referred to by a Rothpol article some weeks ago https://dh3p7.app.goo.gl/xNNu

Councillor Taiba Yasseen was named in the Times as a potential competitor for Ms Champions job, but Ms Yasseen denies this, saying she likes Ms Champion.

Here we get the conundrum.

1.Weeks ago, I am told, all six Councillors of two inner town Wards were emailed to ask if they knew of, had any contact with or dealings with Just Yorkshire and their Health Check Report. Five responded saying NO, definitely not.

Taiba did not respond at all.

2. There is the photograph of a closed steering group meeting convened by Just Yorkshire to discuss how the recommendations from the report should pursued. Only 8 of the 10 people present, and two of the three women, are named.

Just Yorkshire say the women centre right in the picture is someone called Maarya, but we can’t find any pictures or references to her elsewhere.

Taiba is on record as saying that she was not going to, and had not attended that meeting.

3. Then there is the sacking of Taiba as a cabinet member by Leader Chris Read. He denies there is a link, but its strange that the only woman, Kashmiri Cabinet member in the region should lose her post, less than a week after Read would have got the first complaint and no doubt discussed it with Labour regional office. Ridiculously non-pc, for our Chris.

Here’s the photograph, who do you think the woman in black, centre right is?


A. Someone called Maarya, and if so please tell us who she is or what she does.

B. Taiba Yasseen

C. Jahangir Akhtar

Wil Ewart

9 thoughts on “Taiba, questions?

  1. Champ has her faults but at least been critical of rmbc.

    Healy has no backbone. Fawning of rmbc.
    Good at doing photos for media opening a paper bag. Chancer.

    Baron is more likely seen rubbing shoulders with the devs at chatsworth. Elusive in rother valley. Told great at flip flopping.


  2. Up to 20 Blairites are reported to be planning to quit Labour in September because they are fed up of Jeremy Corbyn, and disapprove of the party abandoning neoliberalism in favour of socialism

    Good riddance to the lot of them
    Then lets have by elections

    Perhaps blairtes barron and healy will jump ship and take their right wing rabble with them.


    • What on earth has this got to do with the article? You’re rambling.

      Who is the woman in the photograph? We need to know.


  3. I think the report says it interviewed 168 people? I’d love to compare that list of names with the 407 names passed by Risky Business to the police. I’d bet on a significant overlap. Even if we pretend the authors of the report acted in good faith their argument is just silly. Saw a BBC piece on Telford which managed to discuss that scandal without mentioning it was another case of Pakistani heritage men abusing white girls. That kind of thing just paints a red arrow pointing to the Elephant in the room. Will will know better than I how many of the author of the report are members of Rotherham Labour’s pro rape faction and how many are simply carrying water.


  4. Maarya=”A lady of fair complexion” Perhaps this issue can be bottomed out by looking closely at who is driving Just Yorkshire, and who is pulling the puppet’s strings, and of course, why. At the end of what is no more than a diatribe designed to stir up dissent against Champion, whilst creating the illusion of academic legitimacy by calling it a ‘report’, there are two references; Apna Haq and The Monitoring Group. Whether the claims of their support are genuine can be checked. Then there is the ‘report’ by the Rotherham Muslim Community Forum. The report is called ‘Build Bridges and Move Forward Together’. In effect, it does the opposite, foments dissent, and implies that those not complying are in some way anti-Islamic ( as opposed to Islamophobic ). Interestingly, one of the alleged supporters of this unbridled attack on Champion is The Rotherham Taxi Association. Perhaps tellingly, Alan Billings, our beleaguered PCC who appears to have done nothing effective against CSE, is alleged to have “wished the facilitators all success” – which, given that the opinionated rhetoric neither accepts the ethnic reality nor condemns the CSE, is consistent with Billing’s apparent wilful dysfunction with regards CSE. Given their address, is there any link with Rotherham NHS? What the rapists did was not Islamic, so why is outing them considered Islamophobic? It is not, and these miscreants are abusing Islam when falsely conflating totally separate issues. A reasonable person of sound mind could not be criticised for concluding that the Just Yorkshire agenda is more than just political gerrymandering, but is exploiting the fabrication of seditious drivel and bilge for their own ends.


  5. … and another thing . . . “Rethinking Prevent: A case for an alternative approach” This is another self-interest publication with a forward by Nadeem Murtuja, with report authors Dr Bano Murtuja and Dr Waqas Tufail. Is Islamic activist Dr Bano Murtuja in any way related to Nadeem Murtuja? If so, where is the declaration of interests? As for experienced activist Dr Waqas Tufail, his views are well known, for example, describing Louise Casey in her report as ‘Erroneous, misguided and dangerous’. In summary then, a highly biased report is inevitable. The report cites financial support from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and Open Society Foundations. Perhaps these cash cows should be made aware of the nature of who is milking them. These two authors, now given the oxygen of publicity by a partisan Just Yorkshire, have also viciously attacked a group set up by Muslim women called Inspire, which “sought to focus on the realities of terrorism, extremism and gender inequality within Muslim communities, when others did not want to.” Clarity is now emerging from the fog of the false illusion created and being maintained by Just Yorkshire, and this clarity of truth needs no explanation here.

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