The Yorkshire Post says: Anti-Semitism and why Jeremy Corbyn’s inaction is failing Labour

JEREMY Corbyn has been keen to portray Labour as a “Government in waiting” but the appalling handling of the anti-Semitism crisis engulfing the party suggests otherwise.

The latest sorry chapter in the ongoing row involves Peter Willsman, a member of Labour’s ruling body, dismissing some members of the Jewish community who had raised concerns about Labour’s attitudes towards them as “Trump fanatics making up information without any evidence at all”. He also demanded that 68 rabbis who had jointly written to the party asking it to adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-Semitism provide evidence of “severe and widespread anti-Semitism” in Labour.

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Labour action urged over Peter Willsman’s anti-Semitism remarks

Labour is facing growing calls to take action against an ally of Jeremy Corbyn after he was recorded criticising members of the Jewish community.

During a meeting of the ruling National Executive Committee, Peter Willsman suggested Jewish “Trump fanatics” were behind accusations of anti-Semitism in Labour ranks.

Mr Willsman also said he had never seen anti-Semitism in the party.

He has apologised and said not all his remarks were accurately reported.

He also said he would be referring himself for equalities training.

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5 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Post says: Anti-Semitism and why Jeremy Corbyn’s inaction is failing Labour

    • Don’t really believe that the vast majority of Labour supporters are racist, but the leadership individuals will readily prostitute themselves for minority votes from wherever they may come and irrespective of that minority’s cultural proclivities.


  1. Headline in the Independent:

    “The fact that Corbyn didn’t yell abuse at a Holocaust survivor definitely makes him antisemitic

    The Tories are genuinely appalled by it all, which is why they would never allow their prominent members to associate with an anti-Semite. Instead Boris Johnson has been meeting Steve Bannon, who gives his support to inclusive liberal groups such as the EDL”

    A well funded and coordinated campaign to smear Corbyn is the order of the day, all the usual suspects in the MSM are running daily stories with calls for Corbyn to make apologies and when he does, right wing, Tory/DUP supporting Jewish groups refuse to accept his apology, what ever he does the hate campaign by Jewish groups always have another angle to attack him with.


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