Taiba: Am I being unreasonable to ask for answers?

A report by a group called Just Yorkshire has seriously criticised Sarah Champion MP, essentially calling her a callous racist. To many it appears to be highly political, not least because it asks that the Labour Party take actions to prove its credentials as an anti racist organisation.

While the phrasing is somewhat obtuse in this context it can only mean further censure of Sarah Champion. It’s reasonable to think they mean deselection.

All 6 Labour Councillors in the Wards of Boston Castle and Rotherham East were asked by email if they had any knowledge of, or were dealing with Just Yorkshire.

Five replied saying no. Taiba Yasseen did not reply at all. However she was on record as saying that she would NOT be attending a forthcoming meeting, called by Just Yorkshire.

Then a picture emerges of the closed meeting of Just Yorkshire that she was supposedly not attending. There is a person looking to me very much like Taiba Yasseen,  and I’ve comments from several Labour members saying the same, including two who worked closely with her

As a citizen of Boston Castle and Party member I feel I have a right to know where Councillor Yasseen stands and what she has done with regard to what I consider a vicious attack on a Labour MP . It is called democratic transparency, it is called accountability.

Is that reasonable for me to ask, or is my endeavor to get at the truth some form of harassment?

Here is what I tweeted:


About 5 people contacted me privately, but here are the two public responses.

Note that they do not answer the core question, instead accusing me of various small misdemeanors. Wouldn’t it just be easier to publish the name and a few details about who this person is, if not Taiba Yasseen?

robib s

It seems Robin has forgotten the reports saying how accusations of racism have been used to suppress investigation, argument and debate. By the way, several respondents disagree with his statement about Taiba.

All I want to know is did my Ward Councillor get involved in  group and a report that is attacking a political colleague. Fairly simple really. Is that somehow harassment?

Wil Ewart


16 thoughts on “Taiba: Am I being unreasonable to ask for answers?

  1. Racism was used to stop any form of robust action being taken against child abusers in Rotherham, interesting that elements of the Rotherham Taxi trade are alleged to be involved in this report, you would think that they would know better.


  2. Please publish a direct question to Taiba asking whether she attended the meeting.
    Please ask JUST Yorkshire to identify everyone at the table in the photo.
    Is there any social media material?


  3. Wil I wouldn’t worry about Robyn Symonds. I sent him quite detailed info about the gangsters who have infiltrated the party. He waited some time and then wrote back studiously avoiding acknowledging receipt of the information. I think he consulted a lawyer.
    He knows the truth (I have the paper trail) but he prefers to deny and throw about libels like the one he directed at you.


    • I think I sent him two emails. The first opening general discussion and the second with the info. Some time after he must have received the second he responded to the first email only and wrote about the EDL, and not the information in the second email. Then he stopped commenting here for a while. For whatever reason he sees it as his job to run interference for the Biraderi. But he no longer has the excuse of ignorance of their nature and agenda.


      • That is untrue. I could publish our email exchange should you wish but I treated the information you gave me with the discretion you advised.


        • No comment from you, Robin on your use of a smear to stop questions being asked? And the pathetic style of your denial that the photo is of Taiba?

          Of what is now 17 people whose responses I obtained,15 think it’s Taiba. Including 2 who have worked closely with her.

          There is one don’t know and one saying no: you.

          Of course there remains a chance that it isn’t Taiba, simply a look alike, but it puts the lie to your smear of racism against myself.

          Have you even read the report?


        • I’m not sure what’s pathetic about informing you that it isn’t Taiba. Strange terminology from you to call it a denial. If you accuse me then I may deny; if you simply make an incorrect assertion against a third party then I may correct you. Words are important and you have a knack of twisting them.


        • Dear Robin, I would welcome you publishing the full email exchange. Feel free to blank out the names of offenders.


        • At the time I still had hopes the NCA was serious about getting to the bottom of the cover up. Now I think, whilst they may yet act against the councillors who were involved they won’t act against police officers. They cut off contact when I sent them names of guilty officers. So discretion is becoming irrelevant. Any blanking of names would be purely to protect Rik from defamation suits.
          I apologise if I misinterpreted your response. Best Wishes


    • It is time to challenge the Advertiser to name the woman at the table . If the Advertiser does not identify the woman, then the Advertiser has identified itself as a biased poltroon.


  4. Just read the Advertisers take on Just Yorkshire (3rd August 2018) and they seem remarkably easy on them. Maybe they haven’t fully read the report?

    The issue is not the number of respondants to the questionnaire, but how they were recruited..seems they may only have informed people already on their own lists.

    They havent answered the question, if not Taiba then who?

    Interesting that on the left of the photo is Phil Turner, former Advertiser reporter and NUJ Father of Chapel (union rep.) Phil is reported as currently hovering between SWP and Momentum, as rule changes at Momentum mean that you shouldn’t be both. A much abused rule

    This opens up two interesting possible scenarios:

    1. The Tiser did not recognise Phil, who remains in regular contact with old colleagues, and thereby failed to question a potential insider contact.

    2. Phil bent their ears to get Just Yorkshire an easy ride.


  5. Words fail me regarding the Advertiser reporting of this story, they are the local weekly paper, they should be all over this like a rash, instead the article in this weeks edition is as limp as a wet lettuce.

    The reporter responsible should stick to covering births, deaths and marriages, they missed the CSE scandal and now they sit like three wise monkeys while the Times does their work for them.

    Lazy, superficial reporting at its worst, if the reporter cannot be bothered to get out of the office, and talk to contacts, then they should look for another job.

    Just Yorkshire refer to 165 so called respondents who were asked about the impact of the Sarah Champion article, lets not forget the 1,400 children abused by well organised gangs of Pakistani Muslim men in Rotherham, how do the children and their families feel?

    A sad day for journalism when this light weight article appears in the local paper, a victory for the CSE appeasers, the perpetrators and those who wish to bring the MP down.


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