Licencing plan for landlords in deprived Rotherham communities could be in place by next Spring

New controls on landlords and tenants could be introduced in some of Rotherham’s most deprived communities in an attempt to improve the quality of privately rented homes and reduce behaviour problems among tenants.
Rotherham Council’s ruling Cabinet will be asked on Monday to approve the start of consultation work which could result in all private landlords in three areas of the town needing to be licenced in future.

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4 thoughts on “Licencing plan for landlords in deprived Rotherham communities could be in place by next Spring

  1. The rise in anti social behaviour from eastern European residents towards long term Rotherham residents, through verbal racial threats to victimisation of elderly women by way of intimidation and violent outbursts, the residents backed by many businesses who are also at the end of their tether trying to get the council and police to once and for all deal with this, an application for a “COMMUNITY TRIGGER” the has been applied for, this follows ridiculous statements given out by south Yorkshire Police regarding community activities, before these officer make such statements they should come to areas such as Eastwood out if uniform and alone, walk the streets at night, maybe then they will witness and feel what residents have to endure daily when doing simple tasks like popping to store for a bottle of milk.


    • I would hope that these issues are reported. If they aren’t then the police can hold their hands up and say “not my fault guv, we didn’t know” and they’ll be backed up by the evidence which states that there is a low incident rate in that area.


      • Paddy , boat loads of calls go into 101 .am sure you know how bad that system is . many incident go unreported because of the 101 system . not fit for purpose .


        • Spot on big bird so if/when I need to report I do it online.

          In an emergency I send a text. So far I’ve reported serious car accidents and concern for a child using the text service. Very efficient if its possible to talk on the phone.


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