People used to know what Labour stood for

What’s happening to the Labour Party? It claims to champion equality and diversity but its actions over the last few years indicate a very different agenda.
First, there is the matter of Jared O’Mara MP. Apparently, he is a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, has a disability and comes from a working-class background and apparently “had no chance” of winning the seat of Sheffield Hallam. So a small elite based in London decided he had the ideal profile to allow the Party to engage in virtue signalling of the worst kind and seem to have selected him on that basis. It had no expectation of having to demonstrate that it either understood the challenges a successful candidate would face or had measures in place to support one. I can imagine the panic they experienced when they were faced with the consequences of their decision. But it is others aspiring to public office who also suffer a disadvantage, as well as Jared O’Mara who has been damaged by this act of tokenism.

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