Anti-Semitism: Labour drops Hodge probe despite refusal to apologise

Labour has dropped its inquiry into Dame Margaret Hodge despite her refusal to apologise over a confrontation with Jeremy Corbyn about anti-Semitism.

Dame Margaret tweeted she was pleased the party had scrapped any action but added neither side had apologised.

Journalists were briefed the decision had been taken after she expressed “regret” to Labour chief whip Nick Brown for her conduct.

Dame Margaret hit back, insisting she had done no such thing.

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I don’t regret calling Jeremy Corbyn a racist, says Dame Margaret Hodge as Labour drops inquiry

Dame Margaret Hodge accused the Labour Party of lying over its reasons for clearing her after Jeremy Corbyn dropped disciplinary action against the MP.

Labour started an investigation last month after a heated exchange in which Dame Margaret was said to have called Mr Corbyn an antisemite and a racist over his refusal to adopt in full the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of antisemitism.

Dame Margaret said she had confronted Mr Corbyn in anger at what she said was the party’s “arrogance” over its new code of conduct on antisemitism. She accused Labour of “playing around” with the definition and said she had gone to tell Mr Corbyn he was “perceived as being antisemitic” but denied she had sworn at him. The investigation prompted uproar in the party, and John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, called for the matter to be closed.

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Anti-Semitism: MP Ian Austin brands Labour probe into him ‘a farce’

A Labour MP facing disciplinary action has branded the probe into his conduct a “farce and a disgrace”.

Ian Austin’s lawyers have accused Labour’s general secretary of failing to “observe the most rudimentary principles of natural justice”.

They say Labour is using the probe to silence his “legitimate, honestly-held criticisms of Mr Corbyn’s failure to address the scourge of anti-Semitism”.

Labour has dropped a similar investigation into MP Margaret Hodge.

The party launched an investigation last month into alleged “abusive conduct” by Mr Austin after reports of a heated clash with Labour chairman Ian Lavery over the party’s code of conduct on anti-Semitism.

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Labour DROPS probe into veteran MP Margaret Hodge for calling Jeremy Corbyn a ‘f****** anti-Semite’ – but then row erupts as she DENIES their claims she apologised

  • Margaret Hodge was facing disciplinary action but the investigation is now over
  • The Barking MP said anti-Semitism had ‘reared its ugly head’ in the Labour party 
  • She denied Labour claims that she had ‘expressed her regret’ to the party whip 

Labour has dropped its investigation into MP Margaret Hodge for allegedly shouting at Jeremy Corbyn over the party’s anti-Semitism crisis.

The Barking MP was accused of calling the party leader a ‘f****** anti-Semite’ in a House of Commons debate but the action against her has now been abandoned.

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No doubt more to come, all tastes catered for, Rik.

1 thought on “Anti-Semitism: Labour drops Hodge probe despite refusal to apologise

  1. The Tory/DUP government and well funded Jewish groups with the willing assistance of the right wing media have attacked Corbyn with stories of alleged anti-Semitism, the latest being attending a ceremony linked to the terrorists involved in the killing of Israeli citizens in Munich.
    What the Tory/DUP government and the right wing MSN fail to spot is the rank hypocrisy of their articles, Theresa May meets heads of the terrorist funding Saudi regime and that is OK?


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