Pressure mounts on Boris Johnson to apologise for burka comments


Tories should ignore self-appointed Muslim leaders

Boris Johnson’s latest foray into diplomacy displays all the trademark skills that made his short tenure as foreign secretary such a disaster. In a newspaper article, Johnson said Muslim women who wear burkas “look like letter boxes”. He didn’t think Britain should ban the veils in public places, as Denmark has done, but said they were “absolutely ridiculous”.

Some dismiss Johnson as a buffoon but that’s a mistake. He is a cynical political opportunist who knows exactly how his remarks will go down with the Tory grassroots.

What should give pause for thought is the reaction from his self-appointed Muslim critics. They claim Johnson’s views are further evidence of the Tories’ wider “Islamophobia” and that the party must lance this boil by launching a formal inquiry.

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No 10 must kill off Boris now if PM is to survive

Despite everything that has unfolded — all the chaos, all the gaffes — since Boris Johnson first came to public prominence almost two decades ago, the former foreign secretary’s critics still labour under a delusion. They assume mistakenly that Boris plans things; that despite all the evidence his outrages are the product of a highly…

Davidson raises pressure on Johnson for burka apology

The Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has joined the chorus of senior Tory politicians calling for Boris Johnson to say sorry for his “gratuitously offensive” comments about women wearing the burka. Mr Johnson faces mounting pressure to apologise for comparing women wearing burkas to…

Boris Johnson faces growing criticism over burka jibe

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson is facing growing criticism over his remark that Muslim women wearing the burka “look like letter boxes”.

Dominic Grieve, the ex-attorney general, said he would quit the party if Mr Johnson became leader.

Ex-Tory chairwoman Baroness Warsi said his remarks could trigger a rise in hate crime.

Senior Tories have urged him to apologise but Mr Johnson has not done so, and has stood by his comments.

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Pressure mounts on Boris Johnson to apologise for burka comments

Boris Johnson refused to bow to pressure from the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party leadership to apologise for his “offensive” comments about burkas.

Former foreign secretary Mr Johnson has caused outrage with a newspaper article comparing women in the face-covering veils to bank robbers, with Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis ordering him to apologise for the remarks.

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Boris Johnson could face disciplinary action over his burqa insults as Tory fury escalates

The shameless MP faces demands to be suspended after he refused to apologise for comparing veil-wearing women to “bank robbers” and “letter boxes”

A top Tory has suggested Boris Johnson could face disciplinary action as his own party turns on him in fury at his burqa claims.

The shameless MP faces demands to be suspended after comparing veil-wearing women to “bank robbers” and “letter boxes”.

As a chorus of condemnation erupted – and Theresa May told him to apologise – this morning a source close to Mr Johnson reiterated he would not say sorry.

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Boris Johnson’s Islamophobic taunts are no accident

SNEERING that a woman wearing a burqa looks like a letter box or a bank robber wasn’t a slip of the tongue by Boris Johnson.

This provocative slur represented a steely-eyed calculation that it would bring him the double benefit of keeping him in the headlines, despite his resignation as foreign secretary, and of sending a dog-whistle message to Tory Party Islamophobes that he’ll be their man when the time comes for Theresa May to go.

Equally calculated has been his dogged refusal to apologise in response to anger from within Britain’s Muslim communities, who recognise opportunist cultural oppression when they see it.

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Boris Johnson burka row: Tories should ditch MP, peer says

Boris Johnson should be kicked out of the Conservative Party for his remarks about the burka, a Muslim peer says.

Conservative Muslim Forum founder Lord Sheikh told BBC Newsnight demands from the PM for an apology were not enough.

He has called for Mr Johnson to have the whip removed – meaning the MP would no longer represent the Tory party.

Mr Johnson said Muslim women wearing burkas “look like letter boxes” and compared them to “bank robbers”. A source said he stood by the comments.

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Boris Johnson urged by Theresa May to apologise for burka ‘letterbox’ remark

Theresa May has led calls for Boris Johnson to apologise after he compared Muslim women in face-covering veils to bank robbers.

Mr Johnson caused anger with an article in which he said that women in burkas looked like letterboxes. Brandon Lewis, the Tory chairman, also told him to say sorry and the former foreign secretary was accused of bigotry by Baroness Warsi, the Muslim Tory peer. Lord Sheikh, founder of the Conservative Muslim Forum, went further to call for Mr Johnson to have the whip withdrawn.

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5 thoughts on “Pressure mounts on Boris Johnson to apologise for burka comments

  1. “Wear your chains put them in view
    That dangerous men have put on you;
    Or risk be beaten black and blue.

    Then call aloud this is your “right”,
    As you submit to this sad plight;
    Imposed on you by men of spite…..”

    Ban the horrible things, they are not required in the Koran!

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  2. Freedom of speech being curtailed here! Sarah Champion was made to resign for speaking the truth and now Muslims are trying to oust her!
    The freedom to offend is a human right as long as you accept the person you have offended also has the right to offend you in their rebuttal.

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  3. He’s outspoken and he’s right on the burkas…

    So Boris makes the headlines again. I’d thought he’d been a bit quiet and rather slow in reprising his usual party piece.
    However with regard to the wearing of burkas and niqabs, he is for once bang on the money. We are told these are an essential part of the religion and are all to do with women’s modesty. Patently this is not true and I believe that a stronger line should be taken. We in the UK live in a 21st century culture not a throwback to medievalism.

    Theresa May is a farcical virtue signaller. Those complaining about Boris’s ‘letter box’ joke aren’t women forced to wear burqas, but authoritarian hypocrites who don’t lift a finger to help Iranian or Saudi women punished for protesting sharia dress codes.

    1. It is true that many Muslim women wholeheartedly wish to wear these garments. This is in no way surprising if you have been taught from birth that this is the way to live
    2. If we are to pursue the fantasy of Multiculturalism, this clothing is a massive barrier to those of us wishing to treat all of our fellow Brits on an equal basis.
    3. To me the most important need to remove this anomaly is that I see it as a kind of badge which indicates that women are subservient to men. I have detested anything which promotes this kind of thinking all my life.
    4. How is it possible for women wearing this apparel to enter higher education or indeed be considered for jobs? In the Saudi like world these British women inhabit, I guess having a job would in any case be frowned upon.
    5. As to this being an essential part of the religion? This is extremely doubtful in the first place but in the second, if this is so why do we not see Muslim women in positions of authority wearing this ludicrous garb?
    6. This is nothing to do with how men or women dress. God knows I’ve seen plenty of embarrassing sights with regard to how my fellow countrymen/women dress but if they want to emulate Worzil Gummage , that is their choice.
    7. This is all about subjugation, and a deliberate attempt to create a kind of religious Apartheid. Without some kind of positive action by government this practice will survive indefinitely. With certain groupings of immigrants, either by law or by integration anomalies die out. As an example, I cite what I used to find distasteful when watching newly arrived Indian couples whereby the woman was expected to walk several paces behind a man in the manner of a dog on a lead. You don’t see this happening with today’s young Indian couples and thank goodness for that.
    8 As we are currently at risk from Jihadists, it is vital that this form of attire does not disguise more sinister aims.

    As to likening the burka to a letter box? I cannot criticize BoJo for that one as I have often used that myself.

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  4. I’m not commenting as to the rights or wrongs of the wearing of the burka. Boris Johnson was perfectly entitled to express a view. However, my point is this: –
    If a prominent Labour MP had made a similar comment about Jews who wear the Kippah looking like criminals, it is my firm belief that there would likely be calls on Jeremy Corbyn to deal with this antisemitism. Eric Pickles on radio 4 merely said Boris misspoke (whatever that means).


    • The only sensible thing Pickles has done, or said, during his career, was after the Casey Report was published by agreeing that RMBC Councillors were “not fit for purpose” ! Boris did not “misspeak” (????) – he merely put into print what the vast majority of UK citizens both think and say every day !


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