Boris Johnson was right about burka, says leading imam

Boris Johnson was right about burka, says leading imam

A prominent imam has defended Boris Johnson in a row over the burka as Ruth Davidson joined senior Tories in criticising the former foreign secretary.

Mr Johnson faces mounting pressure to say sorry, including from the prime minister, after comparing women in face-covering veils to bank robbers and letterboxes.

However, Taj Hargey, the imam at Oxford Islamic Congregation, said that Mr Johnson should “not apologise for telling the truth” and that he did not go far enough. In a letter to The Times, Dr Hargey said that there was “no Koranic legitimacy” for the burka, adding that it was “a nefarious component of a trendy gateway theology for religious extremism and militant Islam”.

Dr Hargey, a frequent critic of the burka, is best known for allowing men and women to pray together and for discouraging Muslim-only schools.

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Boris Johnson’s burka comments not hate crime, says police chief

Boris Johnson’s comment that Muslim women who wear burkas look like bank robbers does not reach the “bar” to be considered a hate crime, the head of the Metropolitan police said today.

In an unusual intervention, Cressida Dick said that she had spoken to specialists officers about the former foreign secretary’s comments and had judged that they did not constitute a criminal office.

However, speaking to the BBC’s Asian network she admitted that many people had found them “offensive” while others supported his right to make the argument.

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Boris Johnson facing Tory investigation over burka comments

Boris Johnson is facing a possible investigation into breaches of the Conservative Party code of conduct.

The party has received dozens of complaints about the ex-foreign secretary’s comments about Muslim women wearing burkas.

The complaints will be looked at by an independent panel which could refer Mr Johnson to the party’s board, which has the power to expel him.

The party declined to comment on the details of the investigation.

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “The code of conduct process is strictly confidential.” A source close to Mr Johnson offered no comment.

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Conservative Party to investigate Boris Johnson’s burka comments

Boris Johnson is the subject of a preliminary investigation by Conservative headquarters into his comments about the burka.

A newspaper column by the former foreign secretary that compared women wearing the burka to “criminals” and “letterboxes” is being examined by an investigations officer at Conservative Headquarters (CCHQ), under the the automatic process that kicks in after complaints are made.

The investigating officer faces the tricky decision of deciding whether to initiate a full investigation by a three person panel, in the face of grassroots support for Mr Johnson and criticism of Downing Street’s handling of the issue from leading Brexit-supporting MPs.

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The Yorkshire Post says: Veil of despair at Boris blunder. Burka row lays bare his failings

IF Boris Johnson is the supposed saviour of the Tory party – he’s now the activists’ favourite to succeed Theresa May – then it does not bode well for the future of the Conservatives or the country at large.

Absent from the 2016 leadership contest when key allies withdrew their support on the eve of his campaign launch, Mr Johnson failed to bring any statesmanship to the Foreign Office.

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Boris Johnson burqa storm: Tories launch disciplinary probe into MP for comparing Muslim women to ‘bank robbers’

A panel is poised to probe complaints that the MP breached the Tory code of conduct by comparing burqa-wearing women to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”

Tory chiefs today launched a disciplinary investigation into Boris Johnson over his comments about burqas.

A panel is poised to probe complaints that the MP breached the Conservative Party’s code of conduct by comparing burqa-wearing women to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”.

The code says office-holders must not “use their position to bully, abuse, victimise, harass or unlawfully discriminate against others”.

Those accused of breaching it can face a probe by a three-strong panel, appointed by the party chairman. If found in breach they can be suspended or expelled from the party.

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Bill Carmichael: Bogus outrage at Boris Johnson’s burka insults

DING ding! All aboard the Outrage Bus – Boris Johnson has written something offensive again in the papers.
The Twitter mob, digital flaming torches and pitchforks in hand, are in full cry demanding that the former foreign secretary be forced to apologise (he says he won’t), that he be sacked (although it isn’t clear from what as he has already quit his Cabinet post) and he be hoist by his unmentionables from the nearest lamp post (although even that would not sate the screeching fury of the rabble for a nanosecond).

So it was with a weary sigh that I hauled myself from the garden deckchair to buy a copy of Her Majesty’s Daily Telegraph to find out what all the fuss is about.

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1 thought on “Boris Johnson was right about burka, says leading imam

  1. Isn’t it possible to let the women who wear the burka to decide if they want to wear the burka or not?

    Men telling women what they MUST wear or what they MUSTN’T wear is odd and rather….peculiar.


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