Selective licensing scheme extended to Thurcroft and Parkgate

SELECTIVE licensing for private landlords will be rolled out to parts of Parkgate and Thurcroft.

The scheme was launched three years ago to improve housing standards in Masbrough, Eastwood, Maltby and Dinnington.

The licences — £592 per property for five years — aim to cut tenancy turnover, empty houses and anti-social behaviour.

Protesting landlords warned that rents would rise but Rotherham Borough Council won a judicial review and implemented the scheme.

Read on…,selective-licensing-scheme-extended-to-thurcroft-and-parkgate_28204.htm


Rotherham landlords in court for breaching licensing rules

A LANDLORD who failed to carry out gas and fire safety checks has been fined more than £2,000 as part of Rotherham’s selective licensing programme – which regulates the standard of private rented homes. Mohammed Hanif Khan, of Broom Lane, … Continue reading

5 thoughts on “Selective licensing scheme extended to Thurcroft and Parkgate

  1. Put it this way before the scheme If a tenancy agreement was in place it was written on the back of a fag packet . some landlords are still hell bent on bending the rules scheme or no scheme .


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