South Yorkshire Police leads national problem solving programme after £6.35m Police Transformation Fund award

South Yorkshire Police is leading on a national problem solving and demand reduction partnership working initiative after being awarded £6.35 million of funding from the Home Office over three years.

The sum, awarded to South Yorkshire Police from the Police Transformation Fund in 2017, is being used to fund a three-year programme of work which will help to transform ways of working across the police at a local, regional and national level.

Since the funding was granted in late 2017, the force has established a Problem Solving and Demand Reduction programme team, and has commissioned numerous work-streams that will embed problem solving as a core discipline across police forces in the UK.

The work-streams include the pilot of an IT system for use by South Yorkshire Police, Humberside Police and local authority partners, to enable the sharing of information regarding victims, offenders and locations for the first time, and the creation of a national knowledge hub to share best practice regarding problem solving and demand reduction amongst police forces.

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7 thoughts on “South Yorkshire Police leads national problem solving programme after £6.35m Police Transformation Fund award

  1. Perhaps SYP will begin with a long look at the careers of Michael Hedges, Meredydd Hughes, Robert Dyson, (Uncle Tom Cobley and all) and others at the top of SYP? Reference: Orgreave, Hillsborough, the very large range of young people who have been abused and trafficked, the murder of my father, Ralph Winstanley, etc.

    All very minor points, I know.. but to those involved, they are ‘a bit pressing’.

    SYP could also take a look at the range of senior officers which have been exported from its ranks and into other police forces.

    This has all cost us our public money.. and we really need some accountability. (Preferably yesterday.)


  2. Will the extra teaching of police officers include training on the importance of acting when presented with video and sound recordings of child abuse – or will other police forces “manage demand reduction” in the same way as SYP by simply ignoring inconvenient evidence?


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    • I just have to agree, and I couldn’t put it better!
      Utterly over the top and embarrassingly bad, junior PR officer written nonsense.


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