A row erupts on the left

Momentum responds to Camden’s strong criticism re smear response

Earlier, the SKWAWKBOX published an open letter in which Momentum members in Camden made a stinging attack on the response of the organisation’s steering committee to smears against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and others.

The NCG must by now have begun to realise that with every scalp that is taken, a new target will soon loom into view. Camden Momentum

Momentum responded to the letter. That response is reproduced below, without comment on its content so that readers can judge it for themselves:

Read on… https://skwawkbox.org/2018/08/12/momentum-responds-to-camdens-strong-criticism-re-smear-response/

Camden Momentum’s rebuke to national re smear response: “with every scalp taken, a new target will soon loom into view”

At the beginning of this month, the SKWAWKBOX strongly criticised the decision of the officer group of Momentum’s NCG (National Coordinating Group) to withdraw support from National Executive Committee (NEC) candidate Peter Willsman over misrepresented comments Willsman had made during an NEC meeting, calling the decision ‘idiotic and reckless’. Local Momentum groups in other areas made their own criticisms.

But that criticism pales compared to an open letter sent by Camden Momentum to the NCG issuing a withering rebuke regarding its ‘cowardly’ reaction to the attacks on the party and its leadership.

And pointing out what observant Labour members have been shouting for so long: giving a millimetre to the critics gains nothing – “with every scalp that is taken, a new target will soon loom into view”.

Read on… https://skwawkbox.org/2018/08/12/camden-momentums-rebuke-to-national-re-smear-response-with-every-scalp-taken-a-new-target-will-soon-loom-into-view/

Pinched from the Skwawkbox

1 thought on “A row erupts on the left

  1. The letter on SKWAWKBOX refers to “Misrepresented Comments” ???
    So did Willsman not refer to “‘Jewish Trump fanatics making up’ antisemitism claims”. or did he just write the SKWAWKBOX piece?
    To describe the letter as “an open letter” is a bit …. given that the signatory’s names are not displayed.
    Personally, I can’t imagine that it could be accurate to describe even Netanyahu as a “Trump fanatic”, and I have absolutely no time for Bibi!


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