MPs face sack for taking prostitutes to parliament

MPs who bring prostitutes into parliament will face the sack under Westminster’s first code of conduct which lays down rules for politicians to follow.

The behaviour guidelines, introduced after a sex harassment scandal in parliament, ban MPs from paying for sex while “acting in their parliamentary capacity”.

This includes when the politicians are engaged in any activity connected with their role as an MP, whether in the UK or abroad.

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4 thoughts on “MPs face sack for taking prostitutes to parliament

    • “The Conservative MP Mark Menzies resigned as a ministerial aide in March 2014 after facing claims that he had enjoyed an 18-month fling with a Brazilian rent boy. Rogerio dos Santos Pinto, the £250-a-time escort, claimed that one seedy session had taken place at Westminster although Menzies denied that anything “untoward” had occurred on the parliamentary estate.”
      I think that the above might just answer your dumb question, Mal..


      • Clive Betts MP employed his Brazillian Toyboy( another word for male prostitute) as a researcher in the Commons until it was discovered. Didn’t Mandelson do the same and of course Jeremy Thorpe wasn’t paying his toyboy, was he?


  1. How is this news? Why didn’t politicians get sacked previously for bringing prostitutes into Parliament, or even within a mile radius!! I’m at a complete loss as to how anyone can believe it in any way acceptable to be bringing the object their casual sex relationship/liaison into the workplace, any workplace!! What possible legitimate reason could anyone have for even considering such an act?? The public does not pay for these high priced personnel to behave like clients in a brothel. If that’s where they’d rather be, I’m sure there’s a nearby establishment that can take them, where their tardy reputation would not be such a moral or ethical issue. Parliament is not it!!


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