Christa Ackroyd: Why I defend women’s right to wear the burqa

Today I feel sad. Sad for my friend, sad for women, and sad for my country. And cross at myself.

Last week I chose deliberately to ignore the rabid comments of Boris Johnson, who if we are talking about appearances could do with combing his hair and taking a long hard look in the mirror at himself. I wrongly presumed his column in another newspaper would be seen for what it was, a desperate attempt to reclaim the power he has lost whatever the consequences, a cheap shot attacking a small minority in a minority, because of how they look. The best response, I believed, was to maintain a dignified silence and not fuel the publicity he craves. I was wrong.

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11 thoughts on “Christa Ackroyd: Why I defend women’s right to wear the burqa

  1. The point she misses is that the subjugation is increasing of present British women who tell me they don’t like it but can do nothing because they are treated like a less valued minority within the same minority…


  2. This article is badly written, rambling and unfocused. Seems written to meet a space filling requirement from the editor. She follows the well beaten path of admitting that Johnson is opposed to a ban on the burkha and niqab, then going on as if he wanted them banned.

    She, like almost every journalist moans about his being motivated solely by self publicity, and doesn’t see the irony in her giving the publicity he cravenly desires.

    What I learn from the Johnson Burka furore are the drivers that keep this fatuous story running:

    The constant in fighting within the Tory party that has now dominated British politics for far too long.

    That Brexit has squeezed into every nook and cranny of politics. Johnson pro Brexit, therefore racist (despite his opposing a ban.)

    Other points.

    So many are keen to protect the sensitivitiesof a small sector of the Muslim community while failing to protect the British tradition of ridiculing by jokes, even bad jokes,

    Over the weekend a very good writer of Muslim origin pointed out that many Muslims take the mick out of burka wearers. An example is referring to them as bin bags.

    A well respected agency called Tell Mamma reported that after Johnson’s article there was a small increase in race related unpleasantness eg calling burka wearers letter boxes, bin bags and a few worse, more threatening incidents. It seems the perpetrators are England’s infamous bands of spotty, poorly educated male youths.

    So my concluding thought is, do we want the tone of our political dialogue and humour to be determined by a combination of Tory party civil war, the very small number of conservative islamists waving Mohammed Against Laughing placards, journalist desperate to fill space and a fear of agitating England’s ignorant and bigoted youth.

    As my kids would say it “Get a life.”


  3. Never any comments about Iranian women protesting against their subjugation and disappearing or going to jail for taking off head coverings and/or dancing.
    The feminists really have got this one so wrong!


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