Eastwood 24 hrs later

This sums it up picture one is the top of Grosvenor Rd backs Yesterday morning Bad with one sofa , pic 2 is today . what a disgrace . its black bin day today , the smell of maggots in black bins left out on the pathways is over powering!


As a relatively new resident to Eastwood and Rotherham and yet having a mother who worked high up in Sheffield council for over 30 years I thought I’d seen it all, Rotherham Council leaves me in amazement by the lack of action, no communication from council to its residents, the two leaders Sharon Kemp and Chris Read are so out of touch on the wishes and needs for this city, it amazes me how and why their still there, with Rotherham’s tattered past which has not been solved just hid, we are constantly lied to by council departments, given false reports, i would even go as far as to say the council is not run by the council but the police, who are also over whelmed and out of solutions to solve issues for fear of being called racists, the council more so, yet to anyone with half an intelligence “it’s not racist to point the finger when you know who is causing the issues” what this city needs is leaders with backbones, someone who is going to say enough is enough, the selective licencing was a joke from the off, just a money making scheme that has never really been enforced let alone had any though put into it, this councils answers to solving Eastwood’s issues was to put in flower planters, another waste of your tax money thought up by idiots, sign sprayed on the floor saying do not litter, yet not bins, probably same person thought that one up, as I only really know about the issues in Eastwood I can only comment on here, what is needed is real time Street enforcement, the fact we have a anti social behaviour officer that her identity was hidden “why?”, residents in Eastwood have spent years asking begging pleading with council and police to gain control of this area and stop the anti social behaviour, violent threats from gangs to its elderly residents, cars found almost weekly driving with no insurance, Eastern Europeans driving without licences, let alone respecting the laws of this land believing these don’t apply to them, dumping furniture in street, household waste left for weeks on end in public areas, rats seen daily, one by one long term elderly residents being forced out of their homes thanks to the council and police for lack of action, crimes reported and nothing done, many residents believe the police are afraid of Eastwood hence the lack of real action, the council by ignoring it “its not happening”, to live with this on a daily basis is beyond what anyone should have live with, night times see’s gangs of drunken louts, girls in night clothes with young infants in the street well after dark drinking, parties almost every night, bottles smashed everywhere, littering is beyond a joke, flytipping out of control, let alone the cruelty to animals, people fishing on the Don canal fed up with eastern Europeans net fishing there without licenses, the list goes on and on, never a day goes by that these streets are not a nightmare, just as you think it’s quiet gangs form at the end of your street singing at full volume at gone midnight, council out of hours tell us many times they won’t and carnt attend as there’s only two on tonight, police say it’s a council issue, so please if anyone from any area is experiencing issues please come forward, the council are there to work for us, as a city we all need to band together and force this councils hand or vote one in that will work for its people.

30 thoughts on “Eastwood 24 hrs later

  1. Many of us do indeed share your astonishment, amazement and antipathy of Rotherham Council. And we same people ask ourselves, just what has Rotherham Labour got to do before the loyal drones consider voting for something else.


    • Intolerable conditions that no one should have to live with, but remember Rotherham Council volunteered the town for this, which is OK with Read as he lives in the Brecks and they don’t have these problems there, do they?


  2. Once again , How are the the culprits getting away with this ? is the race card being played ? what are the Council wardens doing ? Cllr Hoddinott would not want this outside her front door . my mate had to pay 20 odd pound to get rid of his sofa maybe he should have taken it to Eastwood for a Free collection ?? Eastwood was never like that . massive failings by the councils environment wardens . disgrace .


  3. This is very confusing.

    Images of dumped rubbish yet the post talks about people driving without the correct documents?

    I’ve no idea what it is the person who posted this is wanting to achieve,

    Has the dumped rubbish been reported? Has Cllr Cooksey been made aware? If not, why not?

    These things are really simple but they need to be put to the most appropriate person in the most appropriate organisation.


    • You don’t live there, they do. But you who do not live there say it’s simple just report it. What do you think these people have been doing for a very long time now! Despite all the reports, the situation is getting worse, not better!


      • I’ve never said “its simple, just report it” – show me where I’ve said that.

        Show me where I have intimated the residents haven’t been reporting these issues.

        The fact is the situation is dire and despite all your mal/kaka/merda/mierda content I’m trying to do something positive.

        I’ll continue doing that and ignore your unhelpful comments from now on.

        Now, either do something positive or stop pulling those down that are.



        • “These things are really simple but they need to be put to the most appropriate person in the most appropriate organisation” = “it’s simple, just report it” doesn’t it?


        • No. It says that its simple to report things, it doesn’t say that he said I said.

          You know that and so do I.


  4. Paddy, the residents here have been reporting these issues over and over, both to council and the monthly cllrs surgery, to both cllr cooksey and Khan, yet it’s only recently it’s come to light there is an anti social behaviour officer for this area, the same person from the out of hours has never said “I’m your officer” the council and cllrs have kept this quiet, fly tipping is reported daily yet the warden drive around and miss so much, some has been left for weeks on end despite dozens of calls to Street pride, what amazes many is when rubbish is piled up outside
    an empty property obviously cleared out by landlord still these wardens don’t act, reports and photos given to council as evidence and the same no action, the anti social behaviour at night is beyond a joke, parties every other day with 30 40 even more drunk in street, infants left unatained loud music, shouting screaming yet police say it’s a council issue, the council say it’s a police matter, gangs threatening elderly people, yes I reported on the cars but it’s us legal drivers that suffer when they damage ours, what it basically boils down to is, yes they have the right to live where they want but we also have the right to live without anti social behaviour forced on us because they have no intention of respecting the wishes and respecting or needs of others, the ignorance shows when they are told by police this isn’t acceptable yet they just keep on and on doing it, night after night.


  5. Paddy , Has Councillor Cooksey been made aware ? YES so have all the Council / Cllrs , Cllr Hoddinott , Beck , Read, khan ,fenwick -green Officers , smith , munro smith , wilson , barstow , and of coarse st pride, so yeah you could say they are aware . thanks .BB.


    • Based on what Big Bird & John G have said then its clear action needs to be taken with great urgency.

      I would suggest you attend a Full Council meeting, next one in early September and table a question, whats your MP said? Have any of the council officers done a site visit to address a specific issue?

      I’m not unsympathetic to what you guys are telling me, however, the battles you are having on the outside, in public about these issues are more or less the same ones I am having with the council/Cllrs out of public view.


  6. The Residents affected by this disgusting behaviour should write an open letter to Read and his aspiring MP partner, Hoddinott, stating that they will refuse pay a proportion of their Council Tax until this situation is robustly dealt with ! There is no reason why the Council, partnered by SYP, should allow this intolerable situation to continue – both parties have covert camera equipment which can be used to identify the fly tippers and bring them to justice. An added benefit, should the open letter be published in say, a national newspaper, could be the adverse publicity created towards Reed & Noddyhutt in any future election in any political capacity !!


  7. Xinsider… I have personally emailed cllr Chris Read several times, never once has he replied, the same with other residents not only from Eastwood the man is one of the most out of touch ignorant puppets this council has been lead by, until anyone has lived here and experienced the day to day events then they shouldn’t presume, the real issue is a total lack of enforcement both to landlords, residents for fly tipping and Street litter, I have walked past a house today on Erskine Rd that is thick with sunflower seeds outside, these are chewed and spit out, where’s the wardens issuing an on the spot fine, next door a rat dead at the front door no more 6ft away, it’s a different expected to put up with this


  8. I do hope that when they introduce the new Bin system later this year, that the people of Eastwood revert back to just the one bin like the rest of us, and I for one will be watching closely to make sure they are paying their £40, for the removal of Green waste. Our dear Emma could trip up on this one!!.


  9. We use to have regular walk rounds with Sam Barstow who claimed he was here to sort the area out, promised all sorts delivered nothing now he’s disappeared of the scene, many councillors have also attended walk rounds, still no change, we then arrange a police walk round with sharon kemp and residents, we turned only to be met by several high ranking officer all in full uniform and Mrs Kemp who arrived in a riot Van and had already walked round, their thoughts how quiet it was, seriously several officers all in uniform and they wonder why, what’s more disturbing is when two residents are lied to in order to get us to the police station under the impression a councillor was there who we had arranged to meet for a council meeting with two council managers, then to find out this councillor was stopped attending by Damien Wilson and told the meeting was nothing to do with Eastwood, the councillor was there to ask why there is no inforcement, this was a council meeting nothing to do with police, a superintendent then informs us he’s told everyone including council and police to just delete any of our emails, chief superintendent from Durham police, his side kick also from the North East, Damien Wilson also left North East, Sharon kemp ex Manchester Police, it’s like a game of chess, police placing their porns inorder to run this city and if you challenge and question they attempted to be silence you,


  10. The bin issue in Eastwood has been going on and on for a very long time, majority of the rented houses just leave their bins in the streets week after week, full of waste over flowing, a health hazard, many burnt out it looks awful, yet the council say nothing can be done, Sam Barstow claimed he could do nothing about this, yet back in his old patch in Lincolnshire they had a similar problem, he sorted that which is on the Internet, why is this one not, as for the charges the whole of Rotherham needs to stand together and say, if the eastern European residents are not paying why should we.


  11. This is an ongoing issue! The council don’t care and understaffed. The monthly clinics are pathetic. Bunch of fake people sat at a desk.
    Out of pass the blame to the police and vice versa. No one is taking responsibility and when Eastwood residents take responsibility they get atacked or threaten by the Eastern Europeans. Someone needs to take charge and report this to national newspaper. Labour is pathetic and weak in the Eastwood ward. Khan was made mp by bull crap votes from his relatives. He’s useless and can’t even string a proper Intlectual sentence together, never mind sort Eastwood out.


  12. Paddy , Sam Barstow has done lots of site visit’s , its was like a Mattress / sofa / bed count . MP said its a Councillors issue . What is all boils down to is , No Enforcement has caused this issue . Council have made a rod for their backs by collecting the daily waste now they need to sort it out .


    • I would always be wary of folk making grand statements like that.

      Engagement and speaking with people on a human level is the first thing that absolutely has to happen.

      Do RMBC engage? Do residents engage with RMBC? This is a two way street and no amount of wind, whaff of BS will alter the fact that this has situation has to have dialogue.

      Hence my earlier, albeit trolled comments, thats the only way.

      Incidentally, I’ll carry on doing what I’m doing 😉


  13. A little inside information for you all, I have a new friend who works for local TV taking a keen interest, also Geraldine mckelvie who was promenade with the grooming scandal from the guardian has contacted me, I’ve also formally requesting a community trigger, if unsure Google it something else the council and councillors have choose to hide, if three or more incidents are reported within a six month period the council, police and outside agencies have to react in order to stop this, why has this been hidden?? it seems the good folk of Rotherham have been forced to live with this intolerable situation for far to long, lied to by a deceitful council, run by people who’s obvious politics and purpose are not to sort out this city and give Rotherham people their pride back, but to replace this with misery, this city needs to stand up stand together regain the pride in our flag and say NO we will not stand for behaviour any more, deal with it once and for all or step down,


    • Get it on national news. Tell people far and wide. Advertiser is mixed with these MPS and very rarely cover anything like this. We need coverage of what’s going on in Eastwood. Those councilers live in brecks, Moorgate so it’s doesn’t bother them. We need the help of likes of daily mail as they speak the truth. We had a Muslim grooming gang issue and now we have a Eastern European issue. Eastwood is the dumping ground for labour.


      • It’s Rotherham which is a dumping ground by the G4S. I accept that Eastwood is bearing the brunt of this, but other areas such as the Holmes. Masbrough and Wellgate have the same problems and white flight which leaves properties empty and available for more of them to be bought cheaply by the Asians and then rented out to the Eastern Europeans and Africans to take their place which is exacerbating this.

        The Liberty Pentecostal church in Masbrough now has a Sunday afternoon service purely for the African immigrants. No more organ music, it’s loud drums and very loud shouting and screaming in their language. You really feel at home when they’re caterwauling.


        • Well said . bet you any money the same Landlords which “run” Eastwood also control Masbrough . .


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  15. This is why Rotherham needs to stand up, stand together regain pride in the flag and enough is enough, one by one people are being forced out, force to have their life’s ruined by I tolerable anti social behaviour, no help from police or council, people need to report name shame and shame any council or police officers that do not work in the way they shlould


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