Eastwood’s continuing animal cruelty

British culture has been synonymous with their love of animals.

Stats show animals per person British people have the highest rate of animals per household and a wider variety than any other country.

So it saddens me when the amount of cruelty that is allowed to carry on in Eastwood.

From the guys on the Don canal who do what many British man have been doing for centuries fishing, this is now being spoilt by the eastern european community who are fishing without licences, net fishing, some even seen with dead Swans on a trolly going around Eastwood selling them.

The vast amount of this intolerable cruelty to many animals mainly cats, the increase of badly treated animals is rising month by month, the fight by some volunteers to save these animals is becoming harder day by day.

It’s saddening and sickening to witness these people, obviously taking pleasure in these barbaric acts.

Animals are to enjoyed, loved, cared for, even giving comfort to some who don’t have anyone, others their just as important as their family members.

So why are we, or should I say the authorities, when reports are sent weekly this still is allowed to happen.

Are we to loose another British value as animal lover and forced to accept cruelty is acceptable in this country, or would be easier to have the word “NO” scrapped from our vocabulary.


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3 thoughts on “Eastwood’s continuing animal cruelty

  1. It seems that Rotherham MBC and South Yorkshire Police are incapable of caring for – or prosecuting in respect of – humans.. even very vulnerable humans..

    Surely, after so many appalling and unresolved problems, it is time to chuck the lot out, and reclaim the money which they have taken from the public purse (ie your pocket) to do work which just has not been attempted?

    Totally agree with you about animal protection!


  2. Roma /slovak community let their kids play out till small hours in the morning so animal cruelty is way down the list its a problem down there I know lots of problems with Cats being passed about like a bag of crisps . What kind of Education is on offer by Clifton learning partnership ? am sure they are based in Eastwood maybe this needs looking into ? BB.


  3. I would like to know just what the clifton learning project actually do, I’ve been in there many times yet never seen anything to make me think their attempting to bring the communities together, instead I’ve seen, heard and experienced the opersite, not one poster, flyer, even the Roma /Slovak community admit they don’t get information from the CLP,, so what are they actually doing besides collecting monies from charities that could be better used else where. a Muslim man was thrown out for asking for help with nuisance Roma residents, apparently they won’t listen the anyone complaining at roma/Slovaks, more recently a young girl hounded by two ladies there because she stood up for her sister after a Roma girl hit her younger sister, she to thrown out, I would love to hear from an ex employee as to just what really goes off in there,


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