MPs to get improved home security

MPs should be offered video entry systems in their constituency and London homes, a review of parliamentarians’ security is expected to recommend.

Concerns about politicians’ safety were compounded this week when an asylum seeker drove into cyclists and pedestrians outside parliament.

Parliament’s joint committee on security has commissioned an independent review of MPs’ personal home security, which is expected to report back next month. A source told The Times that the review was set to recommend video entry systems at all MPs’ homes

7 thoughts on “MPs to get improved home security

  1. Feeling a little suspicious here . . . the plan could be used as a ruse for the MPs to increase the value of their homes at the taxpayers’ expense – it would have to apply if they changed their home, and then the plan would have to be extended to all their homes. Being an MP is a job, and if we want to improve our home security we have to pay for it ourselves.

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  2. If MPs need to improve their domestic security it should be done at their own expense but that won’t happen; it will be paid for by taxpayers. We can voice our thoughts, but they will have no more effect on the outcome than water off s duck’s back.

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    • Well said! I can’t believe that after all these years of greedy MPs fiddling their already generous expenses and ‘flip-flopping’ with their second homes for financial gain etc that no-one has ever suggested that all outer London MPs should be housed in a secure Parliamentary dormitory building! Judging by the number of so-called ‘experts’ within the ‘upper echelons’ whose job it is to look at such matters as MPs’ housing needs in London, I’m flabbergasted that this suggestion seems never to have been considered or implemented – it’s a ‘no brainer’ to me (a humble taxpayer and voter)!

      Such a scheme would have massive benefits to us, the taxpayers of this country, as we would be freed from the need to keep subsidising those who can well afford to pay a suitable rent to live in a London property (after all, some MPs seem to have no trouble in staying in expensive London hotels as a means of having to be at Westminster for approximately 4 days per week!) – so why should we virtually ‘buy’ them a property to live in (and allow them to sell the property and pocket the proceeds when they cease to be an MP)??

      This scheme would increase their security and would also be able to be re-allocated to a new MP if the sitting MP loses their seat or leaves Parliament for whatever reason. Just think – no more ‘flip-flopping of homes, a secure place to live, plenty of mates around for socialising, upkeep of the building(s) taken care of, no more opportunities for wasting money – what could make more sense than this??! And hey, they could also have a ‘community’ dining hall to save even more money on expensive lunches/dinners. I’d much rather this type of housing for outer London MPs be provided as the savings would definitely outweigh the costs and there must be plenty of suitable buildings available within London.
      PS – this prposed arrangement should also apply to the Lords!


  3. Remember ex PCC Commissioner Shaun Wright, the man who had to be prised out of the job and the amount of security equipment he, who was hardly at the front line, had done to his home at the taxpayers’ expense.


  4. You mean there are still MPs who were too stupid to fiddle home security on their dodgy expenses claims?? I think it’s time to stop this gravy train! They already get paid commensurate with their job which, as any fool knows, already covers security. When are we going to get free home security to protect us from their catastrophic cock ups which have made us all insecure on an unprecedented scale!

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