The shameful behaviour of Rotherham police

Is this what the police force in Rotherham have stooped to.

Not the guys on the ground, but the desk jockies further up the chain, the ones who constantly rattle on endlessly about budgets yet with their high salaries, person secretary and personal expenses.

It’s no wonder the guys on the ground are stretched, we never see budget cuts come from high up, maybe this is why recently and for data protection names, will have to be withheld.

Young English boy aged about 12years old with a brain injury was violently assaulted by a Muslim man, this was videoed, friends called 999 yet five days later still no officer has called out, shameful and disgusting.

The same as a young girl ages about 12/13years old sexually assaulted in Eldon Road park. Two men seen leaving the same area quickly, park gate security were informed within minutes as there was two police officers in Parkgate retail park, some of this caught on their security camera, within minutes of this happening security spoke to these two let’s use the term police officers very loosely, who then told security ” IT’S NOTHING TO DO WITH US, CALL 101.”

The sexual assault of a child is nothing to do with the police! Two children both assaulted. Yet the higher ranking officers do not prioritise this. Instead leave it for days on end.

I guarantee if any of these incidents happened to one their children the forces would be coming the streets, it’s it any wonder the grooming scandal was allowed to go for so long, the high ranked officer should hold their head in complete shame!

Where’s the duty of care, the Safeguarding of vulnerable children, common decency, all gone out the window because their more interested in “how their stats look” proven recently in media reports that south Yorkshire forces aren’t reporting crimes to keep these stats down.


8 thoughts on “The shameful behaviour of Rotherham police

  1. This police force needs to be disbanded and every culpable member prosecuted! They are a disgrace! They are corrupt, arrogant lying scum! Read my posts on Maltby Crime Awareness group on Facebook.


  2. South Yorkshire Police is not fit for purpose. It is the same this side of the double-decker. Even when presented with evidence they do nothing, except patronise. John has made a good point. It is not only the high ranking officers who should hang their heads in shame ( if they had any shame, which they don’t ) but also their political leaders at the time. Unless and until someone with a spine clears out SYP and the PCC and their supporting politicians more and more children are going to suffer.


  3. Time to amalgamate SYP with West Yorks and North Yorks, This would give an opportunity to clear the dead wood from all 3 Forces and spread the budgets about more evenly,


  4. A friend of mine in the media pointed out that between the council and police it’s a game of chess positioning their players, chief superintendent from Durham, his side kick also from the North East, councils Damien Wilson strategy director again from North East, Sharon kemp ex Manchester Police, all intertwined, all there to cover each others back, all started around the same time, hand picked but by who and why, the police are running the council, it’s more than obvious, now police officers based at riverside house instead of the police station, in the same area as Damien Wilson department, seriously how stupid do they believe people to be, told by both there’s a single point of contact, yet to contact the police point of contact you have to go through 101, the council’s POC, happens to an ex police officer and we wonder why residents are screaming out for things to change, their all one big happy family and no one sacks family do they or holds them responsible. we need to publicise incidents when the council and police let people down through incompetence.

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    • Some excellent points here. I would add, even though it might bore some people, that in the background there has always been Common Purpose, who are heavily into the police forces.

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      • That whole town has been screwed by Common Purpose, they have infiltrated the police, college, judiciary and God knows where else. It would not surprise me one iota if Sarah Champion were to be brought down by this band of power hungry, klan-like scum.


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