MPs demand bigger expenses budget to cope with additional workload ‘created by Brexit’

MPs are demanding a larger expenses budget because they claim Brexit is adding to their “workloads”, the official watchdog has revealed.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) disclosed that MPs have been lobbying for an increase in the amount they spend on employing staff.

The revelation led to warnings that the system is “open to abuse” as more than 150 MPs employ their wives, husbands and other “connected parties” as staff.

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3 thoughts on “MPs demand bigger expenses budget to cope with additional workload ‘created by Brexit’

  1. Er, does this ‘demand’ also apply to other “hard working people” e.g. NHS staff, Council staff, construction workers, care workers, etc. ?????????????????


  2. Does this mean that during ‘quiet’ political periods our MPs will hand back some of their salaries because there is little to do?


  3. Just caught up with Rotherham Politics and read this post – to say that I’m shocked is an understatement!! Don’t these greedy, very well-paid plus lucrative expense accounts mostly ‘wastes of public space’ (my opinion) take enough from the public purse already!!??
    I don’t see how they can claim ‘additional’ workloads created by Brexit as surely, answering constituents’ questions/queries on Brexit and other matters already falls under their current job as a constituency MP??
    Furthermore, as we know, loads of them already employ wives, husbands, children and other family members/friends and have done for a very long time – all a drain on the public purse so why do they need ‘extra’ staff to deal with Brexit-related issues?? They really ‘take the biscuit’ and the p*ss! Maybe they’ve had to cut back on holidays and other ‘jollies’ and now think they’ve found another way to plunder the public purse?

    The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) should stand firm and tell the whole sorry lot of MPS from whatever Party ‘where to get off’ and not give them any more opportunities to ‘milk’ the taxpayers – they should have learned their lessons back in 2009 but it appears that their over-used ‘begging bowls’ are surfacing yet again! How can they expect their low-paid, overworked (if they’re lucky enough to even have a job) and increasingly poverty-stricken constituents to react to this news? They really aren’t serving the public but are acting more like money-grabbing vultures, serving their own increasing needs/demands whilst ignoring the plight of the countless thousands who are crying out to them for help, advice, support, a change in policies and a better life and quality of life for their families! But what do we get instead – MPs bleating about how badly they’re done to – my heart bleeds for them!

    When, oh when are they going to get off their knees and backsides and actually do something that properly benefits those they claim to represent??

    I won’t hold my breath…..!


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