Pull the other one Taiba

Is Taiba Yasseen getting dafter? Or when in hole…

According to the Advertiser last week Taiba is feeling especially got at and vulnerable to racists. Blaming it on unfair allegations of her involvement in the vitriolic attack and alleged deselection moves against Sarah Champion MP.

So much in fear that she now feels unable to move into town centre premises she bought to use as her personal home.

Pull the other one, Taiba.

Her statements could be a crude attempt to play the race card in efforts to rekindle a political career that has collapsed in spectacular fashion since the allegation of her involvement with Just Yorkshire and her, allegedly unconnected, sacking as a Cabinet member.

Is it just an attempt to gain sympathy and discredit those who’ve had the temerity to ask questions about her involvement with Just Yorkshire?

Sadly there is real racism out there, and real violent racists who need bringing to book. Unproven allegations about perceptions and feelings of racism create a smokescreen in which those real nasties can hide. The answer is to report racism to the police, get a crime reference number and if needed pursue them to do their duty. If that doesn’t work, THEN go to the media. Which makes me wonder, did she report any initimidation to the Police, and did she get a crime reference number?

If Taiba wants her political career back on course, it’s simple. Get Just Yorkshire to release all the names of those who attended a closed meeting that was probably plotting against Sarah Champion. A little bit of evidence might be useful as after all this is a charity, not a secret society.

What draws attention to Taiba is not racism but the murkiness and illogicality of some of her responses, along with her obtuse use of words that never quite form a clear statement. Until she starts to be clear these issues will dog her political career wherever she goes.

By the way, why am I concerned about Taiba’s frankness?

The property bought by Taiba is the Cross Keys Public house. A building with some 650 sq meters of space, more than 4 time bigger than the average four-bedroom house.

The costs of converting, a pub of 650 sq. meters, then heating and maintaining it are horrendous with very large rooms and 25% of the space being basement.

The location is not family friendly, in the towns night time economy area and opposite a noisy car park that doubles as a night base for Rotherham’s boy racers.

The square on which they sit is often used by EDL as the rallying point for their frequent, racist demonstrations in our town.

For a change of use and conversion to a private dwelling need a planning application, yet after almost two years of ownership non-appears to have been made. The allegations which she claims are unfair did not emerge until six months ago, so lets lets say that even after 18 months it appears that a planing application was not submitted.

There are projects that would make good economic sense of these premises. An apartment conversion, straight speculation on an increase in property values, restaurant or even an additional facility for the Chapel Walk Mosque where she has strong family connections. But please, don’t insult our intelligence and your own by saying fears of racist attack change plans that seem so incredible.


17 thoughts on “Pull the other one Taiba

  1. It would be interesting to know whether business rates are currently being paid on the property. Sandwiched between several drinking establishments, a night club and a lap dancing establishment. It’s the obvious choice for a family home!


  2. Wil,

    The last planning application for The Cross Keys was 1985.
    Have you seen the apology from The Advertiser today re MP Sarah Champion and Just Yorkshire?


    • Yes, I’ve penned a response and have yet to decide where to send it. I think Just Yorkshire will get their cum uppance elsewhere.

      In fact the Tiser did get it wrong

      What happened was the people in Parliament charged with security of MP’s looked at the JY report and decided it was inflammatory and could encourage violence towards Champion. Hence they upped her security.

      There was no actual violence towards her as suggested in the Tiser article, making the Tiser vulnerable to being sued. So really it was poor journalism by the Tiser, and given there was as a good enough story anyway, there incompetence may seem to have let JY
      Off-the hook.

      But don’t worry, be happy, there is other stuff going on that may well prove their undoing.



  3. With so many pondering improbabilites, why not, for every statement, suggestion or innuendo, make a list, and for each and every one Taiba made, put the challenge: “Show Us” ?


  4. Maybe the Cross Keys will be turned into a selective school. Then when they have permission from Labours nodding donkeys they will turn it into another mosque?


  5. It’s so sad that Rotherham Politics journalists have no imagination or creativity to actually change the record and come up with fresh material.Flogging a dead horse me thinks.
    This woman is one of the few Rotherhamers who has opened up our eyes into the real issues affecting the Rotherham Community.We should be celebrating her plans for empowerment for people with disabilities ,equality for women and most important for us to fight for harmonious multiculturalism in Rotherham and how to deal with the growing pollution of the Far Right.I can’t see anyone else doing any of this.
    You seemed to have failed to comment on her role as ambassador to people with disabilities , her role as advisor to to small businesses who want to grow and develop in our town and most importantly her position as somebody who wants to live in a happy and harmonious Rotherham which is currently being poisoned by the words of writers who frankly don’t really know what they are taking about.
    And as for Cross Keys Wil…you fail to add space is rented out to a small business and there is interest from other small businesses to rent one of the office spaces , you obviously didn’t research the fact that it was always going to be apartments to help the Rotherham housing needs and that it never was to be a family home ..why would she do this if she already lives in a large family home. So Will, get your facts right and if you really want to be productive in spreading hatred…just join the Far right on Saturday in Rotherham Town Centre.


    • Sorry Amber Chowdhray but I think you’re the one who is “flogging a dead horse” – it would appear that Taiba ceased to be “an ambassador to people with disabilities” some years ago, and furthermore, if her sympathies did in fact rest with those with a disability, then why didn’t she vote against the closure of the Maltby & Wath Learning Disability Centres, that’s one of the least actions she could have taken, given her former ‘role’?

      As for using the Cross Keys pub to help with Rotherham’s housing needs and turn the pub into apartments, doesn’t she (and everyone else) know that she would need to apply for planning permission for a change of use from a pub to domestic dwellings? As far as I’m aware, she has owned the Cross Keys for almost 2 years and has not yet submitted such a request (she’s still a borough Councillor and surely must know that planning permission is required for change of use). It would also appear that she has ‘sub-let’ space within the Cross Keys pub outwith the necessary planning approvals for which she seems not to have applied.

      So come on Taiba, tell us what your plans are for the Cross Keys and when you are going to request a change of use.


      • It is unfortunate that neither Taiba nor her friend will demonstrate openness, honesty, transparency and accountability by responding to the people of Rotherham, who she has pledged to serve, on these pages. In the ongoing absence of evidence, given the increasingly contradictory statements, should Taiba continue to fail to provide the required evidence then surely Taiba can have no objection to the sharing of what negative evidence there is so far with the national media and of course Labour HQ. This action, completely avoidable with the co-operation of Taiba, would also bring into question the integrity of all those individuals and organisations with which Taiba is or has been associated. Taiba has the opportunity to control her own destiny, or to allow events to control Taiba.


  6. Thank you Amber for providing some information that attempts to balance the narrative about Taiba. However, this thread is about the property or properties, not about her alleged aspirations. In the Rotherham Advertiser on August 17 2018 Taiba is quoted as saying, “She planned to turn it into a residence for herself,” and ” I was hoping to move in there…” However, you have written above, “. . . it never was to be a family home. . ” You also say that, ” . . . she already lives in a large family home.” Your statement on this is queried. You also say, ” it was always going to be apartments ” – yet no planning application has been seen for this, and anyway what you have written contradicts what Taiba has said. You have written that the property is rented out to a small business, although upon inspection no evidence could be seen of that, as, until very recently, the property was derelict. However, Taiba was quoted as saying ” .. she had let a couple of community groups use the Cross Keys . . .” Unfortunately, no evidence of that could be seen either. Taiba has made much of her alleged threat to her safety, and used this excuse for refusing to give details when asked, however, there has been no evidence seen of what threat to her safety, by whom, where, when or why. Above I have written: ‘With so many pondering improbabilites, why not, for every statement, suggestion or innuendo, make a list, and for each and every one Taiba made, put the challenge: “Show Us” ?’ Perhaps Amber, as you have access to so much personal information, you could place the evidence you have stated about the property on these pages, along with any other claim that appears contradictory. You are clearly a supporter of Taiba, so here is your opportunity to help your friend and to put the record straight.


    • A sharp, forensic like analysis of Ambers letter by “Pleasant”

      Amber, do you think that Taiba should say she is not moving in to the former pub because of fears about racist intimidation and threats, when by your own words, and as suggested in this article, she never ever intended doing so in the first place.

      For senior political figure like Ms Yasseen to make allegations is to increase the fear level among the Kashmiri community. Frightening people is not contributing to the “fight for harmonious multiculturalism in Rotherham.” Quite the opposite, fear breeds distrust.

      To do so in order turn oneself into a victim and thereby hope to salvage ones failing political career is very selfish, and risks umdermining those who have really sufferered from racist abuse.

      If only she had answered the original quesions it would have been done by now, but instead she keeps diging that hole…now with your help.


  7. I am confident that if the former licensed premises known as the Cross Keys is now being used for a different purpose other than serving wines and spirits, then the current owner will have followed proper process and applied for change of use with the appropriate good officers of RMBC, no doubt about that at all.


  8. We know that this blog is widely read by both officers and Labour elected members, so lets see if RMBC are able to support the new owner of the Cross Keys by signposting the individual to the appropriate department so that the proper planning regulations are followed and are in place for its alleged change of use.
    Perish the thought that planning has not been followed and that a Labour party politician could be unaware of the change of use criteria.
    We can all sit back and wait to see if the planning portal at RMBC posts evidence of the change of use, watch this space!


    • Big Bird, Albion, and all. Surely, the question must be, WHY has RMBC allowed this situation to get this far, WHO ( name ) is the RMBC officer who has authorised, or neglected to enforce, the failure to make a planning application, WHAT is RMBC going to do about it now? Above it was mentioned that the failures of Taiba to provide information and evidence would tarnish the reputations of those with whom she is associated, yet she has remained silent. RMBC, JUST Yorkshire, and the local Labour Party have deafened us with their silence – are we to assume they are complicit in the bigger picture of what is really going on and so are turning a blind eye to the legal, property and finance issues whilst at the same time tacitly supporting Taiba?


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