Racially abused

Can someone please tell me why after hundreds if not thousands of reports over the past years to Rotherham Council and the police why the so called authority bodies are still allowing the residents of Eastwood and many other estates are you being racially threatened, abused, and forced to live with harassment daily.

Many of you may think we’re being unfair to the Roma /Slovaks, let me just give you a small taste of life here.

It’s 9-30pm my windows are open, I’ve got men shouting at each other across the road, ridiculously loud singing coming from Eldon Rd park, two girls playing music from there phone near the men both in night clothes with infants in prams, cars racing up and down the road music blaring out banging their horns every 5 mins.

I get up at 5am for work and this will go on till well gone midnight, this isn’t a monthly or weekly occurrence its daily, night after night, never a let up, to have this behaviour forced upon us is racial harassment, especially when then council and police both have the power of a trigger to bring an end to this yet they choose not to, why??

Are they scared of the Roma /Slovak community? are they run by weak minded desk jockies more concerned about made up stats so to keep their bonuses than doing the jobs their actually paid to.

the council was elected by us the voters yet they work to serve the police force not it’s voting residents, the police force are here to serve and protect, serve yes their own benefits, protect well I think we all know who that is and it’s not Rotherham folk, is it not time we as Rotherham people stood together and made these people get a grip of what the people want, made the senior and heads of departments responsible for this disgusting situation they have created…


Posted by A helper for Rik, as he is currently laid low.

Please send emails, especially those that contain original work for publication, to rikshelpers@rikv.net

14 thoughts on “Racially abused

  1. Racism works both ways . how come REMA are not looking into issues raised by John ? . Its about time the powers that be educated the Roma/ Slovak community that playing music , throwing all night parties Fly tipping litter is causing issues around Eastwood .Bet Chris read would not have it outside his house ?? BB .


    • He’s said he’s proud that his town has taken so many of these people in, and he’s even more proud that the Brecks and Wickersley areas have managed to avoid having any of them.


      • In Broom lane there is a mosque, against the vast majority of residents wishes
        But we are told that it is for the community (that will want it in the future)
        Isn’t that a form of ethnic cleansing?


        • The residents’ objections to the Broom Lane mosque were mainly on inadequate parking grounds.
          The Planning Board were told by the Council’s legal advisors that this was not an issue they could refuse the application on and if they did the applicant would appeal and in his opinion, they would win the appeal and the council would be left to pay the applicant’s costs. Which would be considerable. The Planning Board seeing that there were no reasons under “planning law” to refuse the applicantion and to the considerable anger of the residents, then passed it.

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        • Need to get onto Council Traffic Enforcement Department , Get some double yellow lines down before they take the Mike .


  2. Council and police have a gold fish memory to many areas in Rotherham, they convince themselves that just because it’s not happening when there here it’s not really happening at all, I’ve asked many council and police to come alone late at night dressed in everyday clothes, park up and walk through these estates, there supposed to trained to listen and hear yet Where’s that training gone, I think the chief super cut that funding to ensure his bonus.


  3. I understand what you mean John ..I used to live in Eastwood ..there were hoards of people coming and going all through the new night I’m the neighbourhood ..swearing loudly , loud music till 5am each weekday , rubbish left in the street ..and that was before the Roma and Czech communities came to the town.it was the local Caucasian Rotherham folk ..but unlike you John I didn’t associate the issue to the cultural heritage of the people but to the issues facing our town just like the issues of theft, vandalism , violence , anti social behaviour …issues affecting our Rotherham ..not race or culture specific but specific to the whole community .


    • Was the child sex abuse that took place for more than 10 years mainly by one race against another not specific to one community ie Pakistani taxi drivers. The thieving and brazen flytipping in Masbrough has increased considerably since the Roma came into that community and that’s a fact!


    • Your having a laugh , fly tipping and litter in the sts has shoot up since the Slovaks hit Eastwood you been to page hall recent ? its the same their . only people that have gained are the Pakistani landlords .


  4. I have been to Slovakia and Romania, the villages in Romania font gave waste disposal by local council, they dig pits throw all rubbish including human waste in then cover it and dig another, throwing it into the streets is just another form of this, these people come here to better their situation, why for God’s sake keep doing what made their and health poor, a new start is basically that,


    • The Czech and Slovak governments on accession to the EU jumped at the chance to offload their Roma populations on to us. They quickly set up coach services to London. Any Roma arrested there was told to go to England it is Gypsy paradise you get money for not working and a free house, free medical treatment and schooling


  5. and Romanians state openly that they “don’t let these gypsies into our towns” is that because they fly tip everything outside their homes?


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