Community Trigger

Recently a term has been mentioned that I find alarming as to why the council and police have done their best to ignore a “community trigger”, to those who don’t know about these…

Community Triggers enable victims of antisocial behaviour (ASB) to request a multi-agency review of their case once certain criteria are met.

They are designed to ensure local organisations work together to resolve a complaint and not to replace individual organisations’ own complaints procedures.

What are the criteria?

In order to request a Community Trigger, a single antisocial behaviour case must have been reported three times or more within six months of the first incident taking place.

The types of incident that can be reported can be any kind of antisocial behaviour, including noise nuisance, mini-motos, street drinking.

After talking to many Rotherham residents from many areas all have been complaining to the Police and council for many years about the same issues, drugs and anti social behaviour.

Why aren’t these triggers implemented  or used today, I know Eastwood residents have asked over and over for the authorities to finally put a stop to this from the eastern European residents making their life’s a living hell?

Why haven’t they brought about this, why are they expecting people to put up with this when they have the powers to stop this now?

what’s the point in having rules, laws and procedures if their going to hide the use of them.

Why are the senior council management and senior police officers so useless and spineless when it comes to tackling these people?

I’m sure if this was happening outside their homes  daily they would put a stop to it.

Why should we, how many 999 calls are not attended, how many reports of cars dealing drugs, loud parties from the same addresses week after week and nothings done?

These might be small incidents in the scheme of things but when they have been reported hundreds of times and destroying people’s lives daily there just as important.

Rotherham needs to stand together and insist that things change, if the people in charge are unable to give this city what’s needed then step down.

This city can ill afford to pay high salaries to individuals who cannot perform in their roles.

The council is there for the people not just it’s immigrants.

The police are there to serve and protect not to make up crimes stats in order to maintain bonuses. 


4 thoughts on “Community Trigger

  1. maybe the Council did not want Eastwood Residents knowing about Triggers ?? where is the Council ASB unit ? maybe Rmbc don’t want to upset the slovak community ??


  2. I spoke with a victims support worker from the police this because I was threatened with a knife last Friday for asking a house to turn their music down, it was her that told me she’s fed up of attending 999 calls that police don’t come out to, she also sent me the paperwork from police regarding a trigger, yet our local police no nothing about a trigger???


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