Andrew Vine: Scrap the waste of money that is HS2 and fix the North’s rail service

LIKE many another passenger on Yorkshire’s woeful rail network, I tend to approach every journey with the same sense of trepidation as an appointment with the dentist for root-canal treatment.
How painful an experience will it be today? Am I going to make it to a meeting on time, even if I set off an hour early?
If so, am I going to arrive flustered and dishevelled as a result of overcrowding? Will the train even turn up?
As a lifelong fan of rail travel, and a firm believer that a properly-run network should be a priority for any government, I find my gradual loss of faith in the trains to take me where I need to go on time sad as well as a cause of annoyance.

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1 thought on “Andrew Vine: Scrap the waste of money that is HS2 and fix the North’s rail service

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I think it is more important to get people out of their cars and onto a hybrid tram-train network into local Towns and Cities. There is already a line linking Dinnington and Anston up to Sheffield that could be brought into service, serving at least 25,000 people. I am sure there are other catchment areas like this that could be made more accessible to Sheffield for little cost.

    I can’t understand the need for people to travel to London with modern day Teleconferencing and computers, it sounds like a big jolly at our expense.


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