Call for villagers to have say on Anston’s future

VILLAGERS will be urged to have their say on a new community plan to shape the future of their parish.

Anston Parish Council is holding a series of consultation meetings in September to discuss the new masterplan.

Aims outlined in the plan include improving Brook Walk and Anston Stones Wood, upgrading the village’s parish hall and Anston Bowling Green, restoring the village skate park and playground and installing new facilities at Rackford Meadow.

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2 thoughts on “Call for villagers to have say on Anston’s future

  1. This is an excellent plan proposed by a parish councillor who is a member of Labour. At the council meeting it was proposed at, all the councillors agreed apart from ‘independent’ councillor Stuart Thornton. He voted against every aspect of the proposal to improve the village. Good luck to all the councillors who voted for the improvements. Well done.


  2. Yes I voted against the whole plan.
    Cllr Manship ( Labour), just cobbled together a number of outstanding issues/projects, that the Council was already progressing. He got someone else to put all these issues into a plan ( and when you read it,it is a very poor plan, he states in the plan that “the Council has identified, ( various issues) etc etc, which was untrue/ false because the Council has identified nothing). I asked the question “how much would the plan cost”, Cllr Manship could not give an answer, because he has no costings. He presented a plan which will cost the Taxpayers of Anston Hundreds ( YES HUNDREDS) of thousands of pounds, with no clue on how he is going to pay for it.
    But there again since when have Labour ever told the truth to the people of Anston.
    “Bill” obviously knows whats going on, so tell us all how much its going to cost, I challenge you to come up with the figures.
    PS, A little birdie tells me he ( Manship) had help from the LIBDEMS, thats new policy for Labour in Anston/RMBC.


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