Government intervention in Rotherham Council ends Sunday

COMMISSIONERS imposed on Rotherham after the CSE scandal will be gone within days, the Government has confirmed.

An initial team of five — appointed in February 2015 — has dropped to three as powers have gradually been returned to the borough council.

And communities secretary James Brokenshire has now called time on the intervention — five months earlier than initially planned.

He said: “Vulnerable young people who should have been protected were repeatedly failed by Rotherham Council, which is why the Government stepped in to ensure these errors can never occur again.

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Government returns powers to Rotherham Council

A council has been given back the running of its services from government commissioners appointed after a child sex abuse scandal.

Rotherham Council has been under government control since February 2015 after a report revealed 1,400 girls had been abused in the town.

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire confirmed the government was “returning all powers to the authority”.

Three remaining commissioners will be withdrawn on 24 September.

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14 thoughts on “Government intervention in Rotherham Council ends Sunday

  1. Absolutely Sweet F A trambuster !! Grooming is still going on in the town virtually unabated. A huge waste of Council Tax. Had the Commissioners sacked ALL the Cllrs who had been to the various seminars etc and listened to the evidence but did nothing, then some good may have come of their imposition by Pickles. All they seem to have achieved was to line their own pockets !


    • Understand there are at least 4 serving cllrs still on rmbc.
      They allegedly claim they told no one else of the grooming or the coverup?
      Pigs may fly afterall.

      No cllr, rmbc officer or police officer have been put in the dock and held accountable.


    • I agree wholeheartedly with this comment and I too, also believe that grooming is still going on in Rotherham – I cannot believe, despite the Jay & Casey Reports with all the knowledge, evidence and relatively few imprisonments that have occurred (in my opinion, not enough perpetrators have been caught, sentenced and jailed for their crimes), and the horror that rocked the town of Rotherham when the news finally broke, that RMBC and the Commissioners sent in by the Government can now feel that the scandal of CSE has been dealt with and that the Commissioners can be withdrawn and full responsibility passed back to RMBC!!

      This beggars belief – how can Councillors sleep at night or have a clear conscience after allowing, by their inactions, this truly horrific situation to unfold and develop?? They still met frequently as a Council whilst Rotherham’s citizens were learning through newspapers on a daily basis, of the absolutely terrifying situation that existed in their town but yet, the Council, Councillors and Officers together with South Yorkshire Police did nothing!! What exactly did they all do during this period apart from ‘wring their collective hands’, keep their heads down whilst gossiping about it amongst themselves and hope that the dust would settle and it would all go away!?? We’re not talking about a situation that only existed for a few days/weeks – it went on for bloody years and years!!!

      As Prof Jay stated in her 2014 Report, “no-one can say they didn’t know”. Our Elected Councillors certainly knew, the majority of them had attended the now infamous Seminar in April 2005 run by Risky Business staff where they were made aware of the existence of CSE in Rotherham and the work of the Council’s own Risky Business Project set up in 1999 to try to help the children and young people affected by CSE – I can remember watching a video of a Council meeting through the Council’s own televised services, where CSE was briefly mentioned and 2 Councillors, Ken Wyatt and Sue Ellis, by way of an answer to a question from the public gallery, ‘broke rank’ and admitted that they attended the Seminar and did know of CSE – Councillor Wyatt saying something to the effect that they were told the situation was “being dealt with by the Police” and Councillor Ellis stating something to the effect that, “as a mother of 2 daughters, doesn’t anyone think that she would have done something if she had known” – well, what I want to know is why they and their fellow Councillors failed to ask questions of the Council Officers and Police on a regular basis? Didn’t they ask for regular updates during the vast number of Council meetings they must have all attended over the years? Didn’t it ever occur to the Councillors that their constituents were reading the numerous newspaper reports around at the time and that they were likely to be asked about CSE and what the Council (and they) were doing about it? Didn’t they receive reports from the many Council Committees, meetings and related paperwork relating to CSE in Rotherham during the period or didn’t they read them? Why did they remain silent and why were they apparently content to leave this issue for ‘someone else’ to deal with?

      So yes, Xinsider, I do agree that the Councillors should be held to account along with Council Officers and South Yorkshire Police for the nightmare scenario that exploded in Rotherham – the Commissioners, in my opinion, should have not just held the Council Cabinet responsible for their failures and omissions whereby they resigned ‘en masse’, but also ordered a fresh election for all Councillors as well so that the electors could hold them to account for their part in the cover up!

      Apologies for my rather lengthy response to your original comment but I remain unconvinced that things have changed or that lessons have been learned – too many people have yet to atone/account for their failures, omissions and inaction and their complicity in the cover up. In 2020, we should not forget the Rotherham CSE scandal/cover up as the electorate appeared to do in 2016 when many of the Councillors that were on the Council throughout this dark period were simply re-elected – we, the voters, can try to help secure some justice for those many children and families affected by the scandal of CSE through the ballot box – unlike RMBC Councillors, we can DO something!


  2. The council attitudes have not changed.
    Still a bullying and we know best culture with little regard to listening to the electorate.

    Its very likely that cse grooming is still happening but more covertly despite passing services onto other councils or private providers?

    Its adult services now being treated with contempt despite the public disdain. Leader and cabinet aloof and arogant.


  3. Not much point in sending them in to RMBC in my opinion.

    Surely they were meant to do something and improve the organisation? As it is RMBC appears to be in carnage I assume the “required improvement” took it from the level of ‘complete carnage’ to simply ‘carnage’ which isn’t very reassuring.


    • Pity they don’t live up to the propaganda and hype of their overpaid spin doctors. But the cllrs are only ones to swallow the same dross.


  4. No one involved in the cover up of CSE in Rotherham past or present has been brought to buck over their part in it no Council officer no Councillor or any other politician even though the evidence is their
    the main problem is that any individual who tries will be financially ruined by the political party’s involved and the establishment
    I know first hand of just what they will do to try and silence you
    But the truth will come out and justice will be done


    • Cavan as a labour member, like most members, we are ashamed of those who knew yet did not do nothing then went on to cover it all up.
      They are a disgrace to hold office and they should all be held accountable.

      There are still some that still are there.

      Its farcical to suggest they told no one. They thrive on rumour and gossip over a garrybaldy.

      They should all be put in the dock and then unless they commit perjury we may find out the full extent and who knew other than the cllrs over that period.


    • You think they would baulk at committing perjury! Remember Denis McShane and the lies he told. He admitted he didn’t want to know anything about the CSE that was occurring whilst he was our MP. He was more interested in the EU and how much he could fiddle his expenses.


  5. They think they are untouchable and that the establishment will protect them but McShane was the same but he ended up in Jail
    Yes one would think they would think long and hard but they think no one would dare to accuse them of such criminal activity as Purgury now would they


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