Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech in full


Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech in full

THANK you for that welcome. I want to start by thanking the workers, the fantastic staff at the Conference Centre and hotels, the Labour Party staff who make this possible, and the people of Liverpool who have made us feel so welcome this week.

And I want to thank my family, but in particular my wife Laura. Tu eres mi fuerza y mi apoyo. Gracias Laurita.

And congratulations conference, to all of you on what’s been a great conference. A conference of a Labour Party that’s ready to take charge and start the work of rebuilding our divided country.

This year we mark the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, which saw eight million women getting the vote for the first time, along with five and a half million working class men

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1 thought on “Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech in full

  1. “Our Party will never stay silent in the face of growing Islamophobia, whether from the far right on the streets, or the former Foreign Secretary’s disgraceful dog-whistle jibes at Muslim women.”

    And it can be absolutely guaranteed to say nothing about what happened to Gemma – because of the well established one way anti-racist, politically correct, bloc vote grubbing toxic combo

    So the hard left loon was referring to Peterloo as well then, the marchers that day would have been very surprised if they could have known that a party specifically set up to fight for the rights and living conditions of working people would one day stage the sordid, contemptible evil betrayal that is “Rotherham”. It would have beggared belief, they would surely have considered that such a faction had become perverted and evil beyond belief. And they would have been right.

    No Rotherham, but plenty of Palestinian flags – what a bunch of freaks

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