Lancashire Cuadrilla anti-fracking protest: Three men jailed


Three men have been jailed for causing a public nuisance during protests at a Lancashire fracking site.

The men are believed to be the first anti-fracking protesters in the UK to be jailed.

Simon Blevins, 26, and Richard Roberts, 36, were jailed for 16 months and Rich Loizou, 31, was jailed for 15 months.

The three men climbed on lorries outside Cuadrilla’s site at Preston New Road in July 2017, in a protest which lasted just short of 100 hours.

A fourth man, Julian Brock, 47, was given a 12-month jail sentence suspended for 18 months after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.

Blevins, from Sheffield, Loizou, from Devon, and Roberts, of London, were convicted of public nuisance by a jury at an earlier trial.

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Protester’s jail term ‘will hit anti-fracking efforts in Rotherham’

A SCIENTIST’S jail sentence for protesting fracking near Blackpool will be a loss to anti-drilling efforts in Harthill and Woodsetts, campaigners say.

University of Sheffield researcher Simon Blevins (26) was sentenced to 16 months after climbing on a lorry near a Quadrilla shale gas site — and staying there for 73 hours.

Blevins, from Sheffield, was sentenced to 16 months at Preston Crown Court on Wednesday (26) after an earlier trial for public nuisance.

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Sheffield man jailed for ‘lorry surfing’ during fracking protest

Soil scientist Simon Blevins, aged 26, of Andover Street, Burngreave, was found guilty of causing a public nuisance after he and fellow protesters climbed onto lorries outside a shale gas fracking site in Lancashire to prevent a convoy delivering drilling equipment.

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3 thoughts on “Lancashire Cuadrilla anti-fracking protest: Three men jailed

  1. Why would peaceful protestors be jailed? Why was that woman in her 80s, draggd about the site by thugs last year? Why would fracking be thought a good idea? What do Government Ministers get out of this? Why would a Judge think that this jailing could be a good idea? (Possibly to frighten and shut up the rest who object.)

    On behalf of my chlidren’s, grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s health, I object!


  2. If ya look through the ‘Rotherham Advertiser’ court reports ya can see those who have assaulted others getting far lighter sentences then this.

    It was first talked about by a journalist who covered the Rotherham CSE scandal.

    She happened to notice the lack of umpfh in the justice system.


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