Kezia Dugdale shafted?

js122030938Kezia Dugdale ‘crushed’ after Labour chiefs dropped financial support in Wings over Scotland legal case

The ex-Scottish Labour leader told the Record’s political podcast it was one of her ‘lowest personal moments’.

Kezia Dugdale said she’s been “crushed” by her own party and ignored by Jeremy Corbyn in a damaging legal wrangle which is splitting Labour at Holyrood.

The MSP revealed she was brought to one of her “lowest personal moments” after learning Labour chiefs had withdrawn financial support during a court case.

Dugdale is being sued in a £25,000 defamation case by Stuart Campbell, who runs the pro-independence Wings Over Scotland website.

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Kezia Dugdale: Labour ‘can’t be trusted if Jeremy Corbyn is at the helm’

Dugdale condemns party over broken promise

Kezia Dugdale has said that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn can no longer be trusted after the party reneged on a promise to support her in a defamation row.

The former leader of Scottish Labour accused party bosses of ostracising her for having opposed Mr Corbyn and spoken out against Brexit.

Ms Dugdale is the subject of a defamation action by Stuart Campbell, who runs the pro-independence blog Wings Over Scotland, after she called one of his tweets “homophobic” in a newspaper column. He is suing her for £25,000 and strenuously denies being homophobic.

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