Star Opinion: South Yorkshire’s devolution civil war is hurting the region and it must end now


The never ending political civil war in South Yorkshire is costing residents dear.

Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley are missing out on free money.
There is no other way to put it.

South Yorkshire has missed out on £12,115,383 – this equates to £576,923 a week.

Political leaders refuse to budge. Sheffield and Rotherham want to sign the Government-backed (and already agreed) Sheffield City Region deal (South Yorkshire).

But Barnsley and Doncaster have opted to back a wider Yorkshire deal. Something which Government are refusing to properly entertain.

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The Yorkshire Post says: Tory case for One Yorkshire. Top MP urges party to back devolution plan

CONSERVATIVE MP Robert Goodwill’s endorsement of One Yorkshire, and his appeal to the wider Tory party to embrace the electoral opening that could soon exist, is significant for three key reasons.

Mr Goodwill is a former Minister – he held immigration, transport and education briefs – who knows how the Government operates. His Scarborough and Whitby constituency is on the eastern edge of the county. And his farming background will assuage those who do fear that rural issues could be further marginalised by devolution.

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1 thought on “Star Opinion: South Yorkshire’s devolution civil war is hurting the region and it must end now

  1. I would expect nothing less from this bunch of self-serving over paid politicians.

    Sitting on a very lucrative earner with their basic allowances plus all those add on big buck extras why should they get their fingers out?

    The rest of us can go whistle in the wind.


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