Shame of the unspent thousands & other Council matters

Shame of the unspent thousands: Rotherham councillors failing to tap into windfall cash


COUNCILLORS are failing to spend new £210,000 pot of cash aimed at improving neighbourhoods for residents.

Each of Rotherham’s 21 wards was given £10,000 for capital projects last year — as a replacement for area assemblies — but only four spent the money in full.

In total, £110,000 was spent in 2017/18, although a further £61,000 was committed to other projects from the cash being carried forward.

All wards were also given a £1,453 revenue budget but only six spent this in full — and four left it completely untouched.

Read on…,shame-of-the-unspent-thousands-rotherham-councillors-failing-to-tap-into-wi_28849.htm

Rotherham Council consulting on restricting sex shops and strip clubs

29363_bigPUBLIC consultation will be held as council bosses look to tighten rules on licences for lapdance clubs and sex shops.

A new policy is being considered which would mean applications for sex establishments could immediately be refused in certain “sensitive locations”.

A draft list of these includes near schools, places of worship, women’s refuges, play areas and family leisure facilities like theatres.

The consultation will help decide where — and how many — licensed premises can be opened in the borough.

Read on…,rotherham-council-consulting-on-restricting-sex-shops-and-strip-clubs_28847.htm

Anston quarry expansion plans passed on appeal


PROPOSALS to recover 2.5 million tonnes of extra mineral from a limestone quarry have been approved on appeal.

Tarmac’s plan to extend the life of the Harrycroft site, South Anston, had been rejected over road safety fears about the A57 access.

But Rotherham Borough Council’s decision has been overturned by a planning inspector, who said there would be no effect on highway safety.

Read on…,anston-quarry-expansion-plans-passed-on-appeal_28846.htm

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1 thought on “Shame of the unspent thousands & other Council matters

  1. If I was one of the three fat cat Labour Cllr`s I would be considering if I will still be dragging in my money for nothing allowances after the next round of local elections.

    Mr Sylvester and his pop-up street surgeries with his approach of going to the constituents is getting him known for taking on peoples concerns and issues.

    His questions in the council chamber while dismissed by Read and his out of date chums make the headlines and do make uncomfortable listening for the Labour group.


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