Northern mayors demand control of cash repatriated from the EU after Brexit


The North must get control over money repatriated from the EU after Brexit to drive up living standards in towns and cities “locked out” of economic success, a group of the region’s political and business leaders have said.

The elected Mayors of South Yorkshire, Tees Valley, Manchester and Liverpool demanded control of a pot of cash they say is worth £2.4bn a year.

Sheffield City Region’s Dan Jarvis, Tees Valley’s Ben Houchen, Manchester’s Andy Burnham and Liverpool’s Steve Rotheram called on the Government to devolve the upcoming Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF), which will fund areas currently backed financially by the EU after the UK leaves.

It came as the York-based Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) found that despite record employment levels, many towns and cities have fallen further behind the country on jobs and pay for the least well-off.

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North’s elected mayors call for post-EU spending powers

Elected mayors in the North of England want devolved powers to spend a share of the money which will replace £2.4bn per year of EU funding from 2020.

The mayors said controlling funds to tackle regional inequality from London amounted to a “Whitehall power grab”.

The Conservative Party pledged last year to replace economic aid which the EU has paid since 2000 with a new fund.

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