Bercow must go if Commons bullying culture is to end Kevin Barron

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The report by Dame Laura Cox QC into bullying and harassment of House of Commons staff will not shock anyone who has worked in parliament for any length of time. For too long we have had a situation in which staff have been treated as lesser human beings. Some former and current MPs have chosen not to believe that normal workplace standards applied to them: in any other company there would have been calls for the police to intervene.

Last month I announced my intention to stand down as chairman of the standards committee and it is ironic that the report was published six hours before my term finished.

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John Bercow told to quit over report into sex pest MPs

Speaker not up to job, says standards chief

The head of the Commons standards committee is calling for John Bercow to resign as Speaker after a report said that “disturbing” allegations of sexual harassment by MPs had been “tolerated and concealed”.

Sir Kevin Barron’s intervention comes after the conclusions of an independent inquiry into harassment of Commons staff were published.

The report by Dame Laura Cox, 66, found that it would be “extremely difficult” for the “current senior House administration”, including the Speaker, to bring about the changes required. It added that Mr Bercow was incapable of addressing a culture of “deference, subservience, acquiescence and silence” among Commons staff.

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Parliamentary Abuse

A report exposes bullying and a culture of deference in the House of Commons

The Liberal prime minister Herbert Asquith once remarked that “there is no more striking illustration of the immobility of British institutions than the House of Commons”. The extent to which this remains true, and not in a benign way, is laid out in a report published yesterday by Dame Laura Cox, QC, on allegations of bullying and harassment of Commons staff by MPs and senior officials.

The report’s conclusions are damning. Dame Laura finds a “culture, cascading from the top down, of deference, subservience, acquiescence and silence, in which bullying, harassment and sexual harassment have been able to thrive and have long been tolerated and concealed”.

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Speaker John Bercow should quit, says Maria Miller after Commons bullying report

Speaker John Bercow should resign following the House of Commons bullying report, the chairwoman of the Women and Equalities Committee has said.

Maria Miller said Dame Laura Cox’s inquiry showed “bullying and harassment is coming right from the top” and that Mr Bercow should “absolutely” resign.

Senior Labour MP and outgoing standards committee chairman Sir Kevin Barron has also called for a change of Speaker.

Mr Bercow’s office declined to comment on Mrs Miller’s remarks.

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Previously… House of Commons abuse cases ‘tolerated and concealed’

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6 thoughts on “Bercow must go if Commons bullying culture is to end Kevin Barron

  1. The Daily Heil cannot believe their luck, their long running hate campaign against Bercow has just been given the validity they were looking for, Labour Knight supports calls for Bercow to go, give me strength.

    What ever happened to the laws of natural justice?


  2. This is the problem with these arrogant and entitled shites, they’re so arrogant and entitled, they don’t even know that they’re being arrogant and entitled.


  3. Baron should look in the mirror and gonow.

    He sold out the miners.

    Ignored public and teachers…. supported academy for maltby.
    Ignores the public and rarely replies.

    He fails to support Addison road Learning disability constituents and carers.

    He is good at flipping his home and expenses.


  4. Kevin Barron has done nothing for this community. He is not a political heavy weight, neither round here or anywhere else. In fact every time I have asked him for help he has refused, and several of those refusals have been because, he claimed “…I’m only one of six hundred and fifty MPs, I don’t have any influence in [that area]…” He has knowingly allowed my University to make false allegations against me, my doctor to falsify my medical record, RCAT to pervert the course of justice in an action I brought against them, failed to deal with severe online libel and online harassment of my family, and a host of other failures, regarding both mining issues and issues that were raised in the 1980’s regarding the Housing Defects Act, where he helped to suppress the real figure that had been allocated to purchasing back properties, as outlined in a statutory instrument, thus helping Rotherham Council to attempt to cheat owners of the affected properties to lose thousands of pounds on the sale back to public authorities. I have publicly asked several times what he has supposedly achieved for this constituency. As yet, nobody has been able to answer!


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