Huddersfield Examiner – Grooming gang coverage

Meet Huddersfield’s ‘Girl A’ – groomed, raped, beaten and only discarded by gang when she fell pregnant

Groomed in year nine of school, she was sexually abused countless times until she was pregnant and deemed ‘too old’

Vulnerable from being bullied at school, the Huddersfield grooming gang’s main victim was targeted at just 13 or 14 years old.

It started in 2004 when three men – including Amere Singh Dhaliwal and Zahid Hassan – approached her and her even younger friends in Huddersfield bus station as they were on their way to school. They offered the girls cigarettes and told them to skip school to get drunk with them.

They didn’t truant, but they exchanged numbers.

She said they kept phoning her and turning up outside her school. “There was no getting away from them,” she said.

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Huddersfield grooming gang jailed for 221 years after ‘insidious, persistent and vile abuse of children’

The full scale of the scandal that will shock the town and West Yorkshire REVEALED

Sixteen men have been jailed for more than 200 years over the grooming and sexual abuse of Huddersfield children, it can now be reported.

The abuse of the vulnerable, isolated and underage girls – the youngest of whom was 11 or 12 – was described by a judge as ‘top of the scale’.

A total of 20 men, ranging in age from 27 to 54, were convicted as part of Operation Tendersea during three trials at Leeds Crown Court throughout 2018 making it the worst scandal to ever hit Huddersfield.

They were found guilty of child sex offences including rape, inciting child prostitution and abduction of a child.

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Why we couldn’t report on the Huddersfield grooming gang until now

A much-asked question we can FINALLY answer after the reporting restrictions were lifted

“Why aren’t you reporting on the grooming gang?” A much-asked question we can finally answer.

Back in 2016, ExaminerLive broke the news that West Yorkshire Police were investigating a number of women’s allegations of sexual abuse committed against them as children predominantly in the Huddersfield area.

We reported on the arrests, followed the legal proceedings as they made their way through Kirklees Magistrates’ Court and Leeds Crown Court, but our coverage stopped suddenly in November last year.

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Faces of evil: The predatory paedophiles in grooming gang that shames Huddersfield

The details of each and every one of the 20 offenders who went by nicknames like Dracula and Nurse and carried out horrific child abuse plus other crimes

From an aspiring pharmacist to taxi drivers, takeaway workers and drug dealers, these are the predatory paedophiles who have shamed Huddersfield with their roles in one of the UK’s most horrific and shocking grooming gangs.

They were known by their nicknames and the young victims were often introduced to other men who went on to sexually assault them, rape them, traffick them for others to abuse or try to force them into prostitution.

The youngest was just 14 or 15 when he raped one of the victims.

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The 20 members of Huddersfield grooming gang

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This is the manipulative child rapist who controlled the Huddersfield grooming gang


Amere Singh Dhaliwal showed no remorse and hid from the cameras but can now be shamed

This is the predatory pimp who was ‘at the heart’ of the horrific toll of abuse against young girls in Huddersfield.

Described by Judge Geoffrey Marson QC as ‘one of the leaders’ of the grooming gang, Amere Singh Dhaliwal was convicted of 54 offences against 11 girls.

He sexually abused some of the girls countless times and sometimes he passed them on to other men in the grooming gang.

Manipulative Dhaliwal would also video the other men abusing the girls and send it to others and on one occasion he took indecent photos of an infant.

Labelling him a prolific sex offender who was at the ‘very heart’ of the grooming gang, prosecutor Richard Wright QC said: “He targeted vulnerable girls, he showered them with attention and plied them with drink and drugs.

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  1. Twenty mainly Pakistani paedophiles jailed and four more to be sentenced.
    Out of the alleged1500 incidents of CSE in Rotherham now many of the perpetrators have been jailed so far?


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